Comviva’s Messaging Hub offers an efficient method of extending, establishing and managing interoperability with multiple global connections to offer a larger SMS coverage. Our solution also expands the A2P monetization opportunities for telecom operators by enabling them to extend their already established contracts and messaging hub’s functionality to various enterprises.


Our solution reduces the cost of SMS termination by applying the least cost route to terminate the message.

The solution helps to monetize the SMS business by creating new revenue stream for A2P enterprise messages.

It serves as a single point of connect for global coverage across multiple aggregators and destination operators.

Opens up new markets and enable interworking with numerous and diverse connected operators

Unique Selling Proposition

Increase Global Reach

Comviva’s Messaging Hub can enable operators to increase their connectivity globally, without inking bilateral roaming agreements. An operator planning to enhance the coverage of their SMS facility needn’t manage multiple bilateral agreements. Mahindra Comviva’s Messaging Hub can be used to tap new markets and enable interworking with numerous operators.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

With Comviva’s Messaging Hub , operators, when connecting to an Messaging Hub , do not require to invest or scale up their existing infrastructure. All that is required is leveraging existing technology, hardware and software resources. This eliminates the need to invest in operator-specific resources, saving on an oerator’s CAPEX.

Enhance Customer Service

With Comviva’s Messaging Hub subscribers can send and receive messages globally with the same ease as that of a local SMS. This is enabled by the platform’s resilience and high quality, which can help the operator enhance revenues and realize additional cost efficiencies.

Minimum Investment

The solution requires minimum investment in terms of time and money. A single contract for global terminations is required, as opposed to multiple ones

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Messaging Hub

Messaging Hub

What is SMS hub?

What is SMS hub?

Right-aligning messaging capacity with growth for a leading operator in West Africa
Case Study

Right-aligning messaging capacity with growth for a leading operator in West Africa

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