Comviva’s Infinity Data Monetization Platform caters to the requirements of both, enterprises and telecom operators. It perfectly blends the two environments to create a successful business layer. The offering enables enterprises to leverage the operators’ data channel infrastructure and create rich and contextual digital engagements with their consumers, partners, employees and connected devices. The Infinity Data Monetization platform is available in two variants-Toll Free Data and Data Gifting services.


Time-to-launch for an operator reduced to less than 60 days

Ensures a two-to-five fold increase in revenues and profitability

Ensures reduced network congestion, thereby enhancing consumer experience

Supports an outcome-based revenue share model, requiring less bandwidth and regulator cost

Unique Selling Proposition

Significant Value Creation Potential

The Infinity platform facilitates a business model which permits operators to gain 2.5-4x higher revenues compared to their existing data pipe.

Faster Time-To-Market

The Infinity platform requires minimal configurations and integrations. The platform is light and is capable of reducing the time-to-market for operators.

Enterprise Centricity

Comviva’s Infinity Platform enables creation of enterprise focused products which can facilitate 40-50x higher market adoption and facilitates onboarding of long tail enterprises. Creation of customized plans targeted towards different industry verticals, is possible through the platform.

Unmatched Flexibility and Controls for Enterprises

The Infinity Data Monetization platform gives enterprise complete control over how their campaigns are executed.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Industry Verticals
Catered to
Operators across
over five Geographies

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Infinity Data Monetization Platform

Infinity Data Monetization Platform

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