The Digital Banking Experience Platform (DBXP) is a comprehensive solution that empowers banks to offer hyper-personalized experiences to their consumers across omni-channels. This is achieved by helping banks to execute a successful digital strategy, encompassing the three dimensions of build, grow and personalize.

  • Build: Offering relevant services across the right channels spanning web, mobile, bots, wearable, and voice.
  • Grow: Engaging effectively with consumers by understanding how they utilize offerings, and constantly adapting (in near real-time) to better serve their ever changing needs.
  • Personalize: Providing tailor made experience catering to individual consumer personas or segments instead of carpet-bombing; both across what is communicated, and what is presented on your digital channels.


Deliver an omni-channel experience, and hands-off across multiple channels including new-generation channels like wearable, voice, and bots.

Faster time-to-market through inbuilt APIs, orchestration capabilities and connectors.

Decouple UI/UX from code - enable business users to manage the digital experiences in real-time, without relying on engineering teams.

Unique Selling Proposition

Hyper-Personalized experiences

Offer distinct UI/UX experiences to different customers, based on their profile, usage, and behaviour.

Ecommerce grade marketing automation

Pro-actively engage with consumers on scale, on the relevant channels in a contextual manner.

Contains an in-built artificial intelligence and machine learning engine to optimize both content and delivery time.

Experimentation engine

Conduct A/B and multi-variate tests.

Find optimum UI/ UX by continously iterating experiences.

Native payment capabilities

Certified Mastercard Digital Enablement service (MDES) and Visa Token Service (VTS) payment platform.

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Digital Banking Experience Platform (DBXP)

Digital Banking Experience Platform (DBXP)

Enabling Frictionless Digital Banking

Enabling Frictionless Digital Banking

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