mobiquity® Money delivers a host of mobile money services that transforms the way consumers save, borrow, transfer and spend money. Built around a stored value account, the solution empowers consumers to securely make merchant payments, pay bills, and send or receive money using a mobile. Further, consumers can gain access to expanded micro-financial services such as savings, loans and insurance; businesses can credit salaries while governments can disburse cash subsidies, relief aid and make other bulk payments.

mobiquity® Money is designed to seamlessly integrate consumer touch points with a wide ecosystem of banks, billers, merchants and third-party payment systems, creating a convergence powered by interoperability. Apart from delivering convenience to consumers, the solution enables financial service providers to acquire new customers, create long-term loyalty with existing ones, and seize new revenue opportunities to increase their footprint in the market. To the financial service provider, mobiquity® Money offers complete granularity of financial services and system flows. The scalable architecture of the solution allows it to function at multiple hierarchies and deploy to markets of any size and transaction volumes. mobiquity® Money enables the financial service provider to offer attractive promotions and loyalty programs to agents and customers.

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Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Deployments in 45 Countries
Million Registered Customers
Billion Transactions Annually
Billion Transacted Annually

Unique Selling Proposition

A Powerhouse of Innovation
With an innovation-first strategy  at the base, we delivered many firsts-  international remittance, companion cards, closed-loop NFC payments, domestic interoperability.
A comprehensive Mobile Money Platform
It is an all inclusive platform, including domestic and international remittance, bill and merchant payments, micro-financial services, bulk payments, mobile ticketing, companion and virtual cards, NFC payments processing It offers multiple access mechanisms USSD to applications, making the mobile money accessible on all phones.
Future-Ready Architecture
The solution houses a micro-services based architecture, which makes the platform easy to deploy and scale. It also improves fault isolation and provides impeccable system uptime The solution supports a cloud-ready architecture improves efficiency enabling resource pooling, state less services, and  flexible topology as well enables faster scalability
Extensive Experience
Comviva brings to the table more than a decade of experience in mobile money. The company has knowledge of the entire ecosystem and hand-on experience on integration with different partners Moreover, the company offers end to end technical and business operations support. Comviva also has an appropriate ecosystem of partners; alliances with MasterCard and Western Union.

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mobiquity® Money

mobiquity® Money

Open Loop Merchant Payments NFC Merchant Payment Solution
Mobiquity® Money - Taking Mobile Money to the Next Level

Mobiquity® Money - Taking Mobile Money to the Next Level

Airtel Money Ghana

Airtel Money Ghana

Ecocash Zimbabwe
Case Study

Ecocash Zimbabwe

Comviva’s mobiquity ® Money platform had a positive impact on Ecocash Zimbabwe’s overall operations at several levels.
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