mobiquity® Wallet offers a feature-rich digital wallet for consumers and a robust and flexible platform for service providers and their partners. It combines innovations in payments with attention to the human factor, behavior-centered experience design, and innovative digital technology. Designed to support a large and complex ecosystem, mobiquity® Wallet enables financial institutions, retailers, telecom operators and other consumer service providers to re-engage and connect directly with their consumers, drive growth, and strengthen their brand by staying abreast of an ever-evolving market and consumer behavior. mobiquity® Wallet brings an evolution in mobile commerce by integrating payments, identity, loyalty, mobile marketing, location and social features.

Note: mobiquity® is a registered trademark in India only.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

HCE Deployment in South Asia
powered by mobiquity® Wallet
Bagged in 2016


Offers a white-labeled solution with easy customization

Pre-integrated geo management, analytics and campaign management

Enables hyper-local commerce with location based services

Supports proximity and remote purchase

Unique Selling Proposition

Putting the Customer First
mobiquity® Wallet comes with a range of customer-centric features that make simple, seamless and faster digital payments a reality. It entails an embedded chatbot that provides an intuitive and intelligent conversational interface. This helps to deliver a personalized and interactive experience to consumers. Moreover, the offering has adopted Siri Kit to facilitate voice-based financial transactions. With 3D touch, users can access the most frequently used features, such as transaction history, current balance, etc, without opening the wallet.
Faster Time-To-Market
With mobiquity® Wallet, launching a comprehensive mobile wallet becomes possible in a few weeks. It comes with a complete set of application programming interface (APIs) which can be easily integrated with other systems, in a plug-and-play manner. It leverages the cloud platform to provide a unique service creation platform which allows for easy customization of customer experience and quick turnaround to the market with these customizations .
Technology Agnostic
A future-proof platform that leverages multiple technologies such as NFC(HCE), BLE, QR Codes, biometrics, geofencing and sound based mobile . Support for both proximity and remote purchases create a compelling user experience.
Different Markets, Different Solutions
To meet specific market requirements, mobiquity Wallet has two logical offerings, which are part of this all-encompassing mobile wallet platform. The mobiquity Wallet Tap is an end-to-end HCE payment solution, including tokenization. The mobiquity Wallet Pay offers an in-built prepaid account management system that can be funded by a ban account or cards.

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mobiquity® Wallet

mobiquity® Wallet

mobiquity® Wallet Tap & Pay

mobiquity® Wallet Tap & Pay

Comviva Mobile Wallet Solutions - mobiquity® Wallet

Comviva Mobile Wallet Solutions - mobiquity® Wallet

Future of Mobile wallets

Future of Mobile wallets

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Powering affordable, secure mobile financial services in East Africa
Case Study

Powering affordable, secure mobile financial services in East Africa

The mobile penetration in East Africa covers over 40% of the population. A number of obstacles limit financial penetration, ranging from geographical inaccessibility and limited branch networks to high costs and a lack of financial literacy.
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