PayPLUS empowers merchant partners with a unified payment acceptance platform that enables the acceptance of any payment instrument across multiple channels. This helps to significantly reduce the barriers to adoption of these new technologies. PayPLUS offers a unified interface for merchants and acquiring entities to manage all instruments, channels and technologies through a single interface. PayPLUS is geared to extract the most out of the recent policy changes with its merchant self-onboarding functionality which significantly lowers the onboarding cost and allows the merchant to start accepting payments by downloading the application.


Flexibility to integrate with leading card readers, payment switch, etc.

Supports rapid addition of new features without disruption in business operations

Customized offerings for specific target segments

White label solution with customizable branding

Unique Selling Proposition

Extending Beyond Payments

payPLUS goes beyond merely facilitating card transactions by accepting payments anywhere through multiple payment instruments such as wallets, UPI and Aadhaar. It supports NFC payments and payment extensions like CNP, EMI and DCC.
payPLUS adopts an integrated view of the entire ecosystem of banks, telcos, merchant acquirers, merchants and consumers.

A Flexible and Customizable Offering

payPLUS is built over an extremely flexible and adaptive architecture that allows merchants to configure it to their business needs. It is designed to fit businesses of any nature, size, scale and hierarchy. It supports cloud based deployment with robust merchant activation and authentication. payPLUS integrates with merchant IT / CRM systems with a web UI for merchants and back offices.

Unified Reporting and Reconciliation

The payPLUS mobile application framework is designed for maximum efficiency, minimum size and consistency of user experience.
It provides integrated reporting across channels, technologies and instruments.
On the reconciliation front, there is a single MIS report being generated, timely and accurate account reconciliations are executed, along with ambiguous transaction reporting.

Security First

With PCI DSS compliant security architecture and hardware encryption, payPLUS ensures multi-level account binding to prevent misuse.
Also, since no sensitive data is stored on the payPLUS application, loss of the device poses no security threat. All the sensitive information is encrypted and stored in PCI-DSS compliant data centers.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Merchants in more than
210 cities and towns in India
Wireless Devices Supported

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Comviva Mobile PayPlus Solution

Comviva Mobile PayPlus Solution

What is the future of mobile POS?

What is the future of mobile POS?

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