The P II

(non-classified) programme

This is one trait of ours which will surprise you. As an employer, as honing salaried professionals, we also like to unlock the entrepreneurial dreams of our employees. Why? We are like this only. You are free to experiment with business opportunities, suggest new ways of making profits, and even run your own enterprise like a swank CEO. You don't just enjoy this freedom, but you also get rewarded for it. Can it get better than this?

Start up factory

To make minds work on a different platform, we have introduced a different atmosphere. In the premises of our office, we have dedicated space to nurture innovative new-age ideas and plans. This space is designed to provide the freedom and stimulation that is needed to spark the fire. After that, there's no saying where the spinning minds are going to stop.

Accolades & Awards

Comviva as a company has even managed to surprise itself with a host of international awards in its kitty. The way we function, do business, create benchmarks, is the primary reason behind the trophies that are lined up on the shelves of our offices.

Events to fuel your fire

Now that we have hyped innovation as our single minded focus, it makes sense to create an environment that itself is innovative in nature. That's why we organize certain events and activities to push the envelope when this train comes into play.


A stage where our technical connoisseurs hit the limelight. This is a challenge where managers give a problem to various individuals/teams who then compete to find bugs in the product. The winner goes home celebrating with a well deserved reward. Not just this, the winner is again rewarded at general meetings and we also implement the improvised product in the delivery chain.


This is that 24 hour event where employees turn entrepreneurs. You get to present your business plan, develop the product, then code and present the end product. The awesome winner is the custodian of a new product idea. In the past we have taken the best ideas and invested in them as business ventures. So, there’s no saying where your idea may take you. It’s real folks, so do not rub your eyes.