The Digital Services Delivery Platform (DSDP) is aimed at managing all of an operator’s requirements in an end-to-end manner. These may pertain to creating innovative digital services, simplifying services integration, the process of on-boarding and managing partners. It is also designed to ensure reduced integration time and cost of ownership, and enhanced scalability for both, operators and service providers.

The DSDP is a capabilities-as-a-service platform, as it offers a plethora of benefits. These include; a rich suite of capabilities, flexibility in the partner onboarding process, requirement-based association and usage, etc.


Facilitates centralised billing and charging

Provides unified role-based customer experience across multiple services

Content Delivery across Multiple Channels by deploying analytics and cloud-based services

Houses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Smart APIs. This facilitates device specific content delivery, image and video profiling, object detection in images and translation and transliteration of metadata.

Unique Selling Proposition

Artificial Intelligence
Different AI capabilities are provided in form of open APIs for usage on different interfaces
  • • Image/Video recognition and moderation
  • • Media transcoding and object detection
  • • Auto meta-data generation
  • • NLP for conversational interfaces
  • • Translation and Transliteration
  • • Speech to Text
Key Features
  • • Innovative & patented capabilities
  • • One click capability upgrade
  • • Online partner on-boarding
  • • Future ready for artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things
  • • Live broadcast
  • • Trends and Analytics
  • • Enhanced content filtering
  • • EPG Management
  • • Content Trimming
  • • Abusive Content Reporting.
Two-tiered security mechanism through vertical and horizontal approval requirement before any changes are reflected
Future Ready Architecture
  • • Micro services based
  • • Cloud ready
  • • Multi-tenant
  • • Availability on open APIs
  • • One Product One Release (OPOR)

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