As companies navigate these uncertain times, “innovating to thrive” becomes the norm to negotiate a hyper-connected and complex business environment.

Armed with a “can-do” spirit, Comviva strives to simplify the challenges faced by the customer. From enabling emergency communication to easing accessibility to essential services for the elderly, we are geared up to ensure business continuity amid uncertainty.

Mobile Money Providers - Remote Execution of Cash-In and Cash-Out:

By leveraging the mobiquity® platform, mobile money providers can enable remote execution of agent-initiated mobile money transactions. Mobile money providers can use cash-pickup and cash-drop services to enable their agents to  provide doorstep delivery of cash-in and cash-out services.

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Telecom Operators -  Retailer Solutions:

The PreTUPS™ recharge solution

Telecom operators can leverage the following features of PreTUPS™ platform and ensure their e-recharge service is running smoothly:

The “Find My Retailer” service

Operators can send SMS to consumers for a scheduled period sharing with them a list of their favorite retailers (maximum five) and their mobile numbers. Subsequently, consumers can contact the listed retailers for recharge.

Emergency Credit

Operators can provide emergency credit to retailers. This is aimed at ensuring that the retailers have adequate stock for offering e-recharge services during lockdown.

Automated Stock Replenishment

The service allows auto-replenishment of stock for retailers, in case the same reaches below a defined minimum threshold for e-recharge services.

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Real-Time 2019-nCoV Updates

Information pertaining to the 2019-nCoV can be provided via USSD across global deployments.

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Push Notifications

Pushing real-time notifications pertaining to prescribed “call-to-action” to potential carriers of the virus

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Real-Time Tracking

Tracking of quarantined individuals can be executed, via applications created on top of existing deployments. Tracking will be executed by leveraging cell-based location tracking.

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Collection of Health-Related Information

Collecting the health vital information of the individuals on periodic basis by presenting a questionnaire using USSD channel and sharing the recorded information with the authorities and regulatory bodies.

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Access To Essential Services

The iPACS CRM Ticketing and Customer Interaction Management (QRC) can be leveraged to ease the accessibility to essential services. The offering enables defining separate criteria for various service groups. Thereafter, customers can contact the relevant call centre and elaborate on the challenge being faced. The iPACS QRC can register the customer’s information into various categories. The information can then be shared with non-government organizations, et all basis categories.

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Monitor Community Spread

The iPACS offering can extend the scope of its Survey application to include governmental surveys being carried out to uncover cases of community transmission. To utilize the same, the customer can provide their mobile number to generate a QR Code, thereby gaining access to the information available with the operator. This QR code can then be scanned by agents executing the survey to enable faster data collection.

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Creation and Issuing of Digital Passes

A digital pass solution helps governments to manage special situations like curfews, lockdowns etc. The solution consists of three parts.

  • A multi-lingual citizen services portal where citizens can apply for the pass and check the status of their application. Applications can be made for citizens and vehicles with justification.
  • A platform for the authorities can review the applications and act on them, either reject the same or issue a digital pass through SMS.
  • A verification portal for field officers to validate the digital pass

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Identification of “Bottom-of-the-Pyramid” Customers

Telecom data analytics can be leveraged to identify various customer segments-for example-the underprivileged-to ensure streamlined delivery of essential goods and services.

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