A Seamless Foray Into Pureplay Ott Content Aggregation Space With Creative Subscription Plans

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Established as a leader with one of the highest market share in the Indian OTT market

Call for Change

Amid the disruption in the OTT space with many incumbents challenging niche domains of content consumption, the client wanted a stroke of brilliance to emerge as a dominant player in the market with new unique offerings for end users.

The strategy focused on consolidated OTT offerings model for enhanced customer experience to give a competitive edge over other 8 established players in the market and also offer a freemium model for content consumption, jointly with partners.

Technology at Play

Established a strong footprint into the pureplay OTT content aggregation platform space with ability to compete with top OTT players in the market with freemium offerings
Enhanced reach to customer beyond existing DTH subscribers.
Ability to construct creative and lucrative subscription plans and offers quickly
Launched OTT business on an entirely new stack with CRM, billing, and subscription.
Access to a cloud-native, microservices-based, future-ready platform to support future growth at scale

The operator partnered with Comviva to deploy BlueMarble BSS solution – a cloud-native, single stack, unified end-to-end platform in a rapid, flexible and scalable manner.

The solution was integrated with nine OTT platforms to provide a one-stop space for users, with provision of service requests to respective system for subscription management based on subscriber preference.

The deployment was done on AWS cloud, carried out by Comviva, across two AWS availability zones with auto scale-in and scale-out.

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