Ooredoo Kuwait Monetizes digital services through highly customized, personalized offers

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"Now we can proudly say we have the real-time capabilities, and we are able to offer contextual marketing solutions within the campaigns. The lead time has reduced significantly from a couple of days to a couple of hours. It is very flexible and it’s very intuitive – you don’t need to know technical language – it’s drag and drop."

Nirmal Upreti


Increase in digital revenues from 2% to 7%

Call for Change

Ooredoo Kuwait is an integrated telecom operator offering fixed and mobile internet access and a suite of enterprise services, including ICT, data centers, and more. The operator faces the huge challenge of monetizing services beyond connectivity.

With a continuous focus on digital transformation, the operator has turned its attention to upgrading CVM because its existing tools were inflexible, couldn’t scale, were time-consuming, and required specific skills that were in short supply.

Technology at Play

2-3 days to 2 hrs
Campaigns’ lead times shortened
2% to 7%
Digital revenue up
Churn improved by the first year after launch
Resale of premium content contributing to total revenue

Comviva Technologies entered into a strategic partnership with Ooredoo Kuwait for CVM, and within five months, they were able to launch their first campaign. Ooredoo Kuwait cut its lead time to generate personalized, customised marketing campaigns from two to three days down to two hours by using simple-to-use, flexible, and scalable tools. For the first time, the operator had real-time capabilities and could make contextual offers to customers.

Comviva has also delivered a huge advance in analytics capabilities. Rather than two or three different analytical models, the CSP now has more than 40, with models for each stage of the lifecycle.

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