Zain Jordan modernises its value added mobile content services

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"We see Comviva as part of our internal team."

Marwan Jaber

Manager CVM, VAS and Prepaid Segment Marketing, ZAIN JORDAN

20% increase in revenue from digital services

Call for Change

When we talk about “legacy” in businesses we are normally referring to the spaghetti IT that continues to slow down even the larger, more successful telecoms operators and groups. We don’t normally think of legacy as something that stifles the evolution of telecoms operators’ content businesses.

But legacy was precisely the problem that Jordanian telecoms operator Zain faced in 2018 when it brought in mobility solutions provider Comviva to modernize its value-added services strategy and systems.

Technology at Play

Content partner ecosystem has been optimized
growth in revenue
increase in activation year on year basis
Time to market for new services has halved

Comviva helped Zain to improve the commercial, technical and operational performance of its digital business. The core product delivered by Comviva to help host and manage its content partner relationships was its Digital Service Delivery Platform (DSDP2.0).

Comviva also delivered a new flexible charging system with robust embedded security. But a large part of the value delivered by Comviva was its expertise in business operations and digital content, its ability to evaluate the complex ecosystem, analyze the core strengths of Zain, and build and execute a strategy to bring all-round growth. Now nearly four years later the partnership has proved fruitful, delivering considerable operational and commercial efficiencies.

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