End of Support Notification

At Comviva, we have always focused on delivering greater value to our customers through innovation and excellence. It is precisely this focus that has led us to continuously enhance our products and bring you the new improved product versions at regular intervals. While we introduce efficient and functionally-richer new product versions, at the same time we phase out the older product versions to ensure that you deliver the best service to your customers.

We are phasing out support for all older versions prior to 6.1.X. End of support is declared for the following versions with immediate effect:


Product Name:PreTups
SL#Version no.Market-Ready Release dateEOSS
(End OF Standard Support) date
(End of Extended Support) date
14.2.X**200231st December, 2016
25.1.X**200431st December, 2016
35.2.X**200531st December, 2016
45.4.X**200531st December, 2016
55.5.X**200831st December, 2016
65.5.1**August, 201031st December, 2016
75.6.X**September, 201131st December, 2016
85.7.X**January, 201231st December, 2016
96.0.X**August, 201231st December, 2016
106.1.X201331st October, 2017
116.2.XJune, 201431st October, 2018Oct-20
126.3.2February, 201530th April, 2019Apr-21
136.3.3201530th April, 2019Apr-21
146.4.X201631st October, 2019Oct-21
156.6.XAugust, 201631st October, 2020Oct-22
166.7.XOctober, 201630th April, 2021Apr-23
176.8.XFebruary,201730th April, 2021Apr-23
186.9.XApril,201730th April, 2021Apr-23
196.10.XMay,201731st October, 2021Oct-23
207.0.XNovember,201730th April, 2022Apr-24
217.1.XFebruary, 201830th April, 2022Apr-24
227.2.XMay,201831st October, 2022Oct-24
237.3.XJuly,201831st October, 2022Oct-24
247.4.XJanuary,201930th April, 2023Apr-25
257.5.XFebruary, 201930th April, 2023Apr-25
267.6.XApril, 201930th April, 2023Apr-25
277.7.XMay, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
287.8.XJune, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
297.9.X July, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
307.10.X August, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
317.11.X September, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
327.12.X September, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
337.13.X October, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
347.14.X October, 201931st October, 2023Oct-25
357.15.X November, 201930th April, 2024Apr-26
367.16.X December, 201930th April, 2024Apr-26
377.17.X December, 201930th April, 2024Apr-26
387.18.X January, 202030th April, 2024Apr-26
397.19.X January, 202030th April, 2024Apr-26
407.20.X February, 202030th April, 2024Apr-26
417.21.X April, 202030th April, 2024Apr-26
427.33.XJuly, 202131st October, 2025Oct-27
437.22.X1 July 2020
447.23.X11 Aug 2020
457.24.X6 Nov 2020
467.26.X10 Feb 2021
477.51.X8 Sep 2022

**EOSS (End OF Standard Support) date is 4 years from the Go-Live date and EOES (End of Extended Support) date is 6 years from the Go-Live date for any specific deployment unless there is an agreement between the telecom operator and Comviva that states otherwise.

** For versions which were released in or before 2012, their support date has been extended to 31st December 2016

We are committed to delivering a seamless migration and world-class support to all our clients. Therefore, we frequently engage with our clients to develop a plan for migration to the latest version and end of support for the older version.

Please contact your local sales representative if you require any future information on our End of Support policy.

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Click here to read the Product (Version) Support Life Cycle EOSS EOES Timelines.

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