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Why Digital Transformation entails Jumping Head-First into the 5G Era

The era of 5G is well and truly upon us, following much hoopla and hype. Ironically, however, despite becoming an almost ubiquitous subject, it is still shrouded in an air…
Piyush Prasad
9th January 2021
Mobile Data Platform

The Future of USSD in the Telecommunications space

Over the past few decades, USSD technology has carved its own space in the telecom industry. It has enabled a gamut of services, such as mobile banking, customer services, etc.…
Ajay Kulkarni
10th December 2020
Internet & Broadband Solutions

The 5G Era: Ushering in New Models, New Capabilities and New Challenges

With advanced 5G deployments in the pipeline, people have many questions about 5G as a technology, its applications, and different use cases, and how is it going to impact the…
16th September 2020
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Leveraging the Promise of 5G with Next Generation OSS/BSS Stacks

The era of 5G is (almost) upon us. While officially not due until 2020, it has already made its debut-of sorts. I allude, of course, to the 2018 Winter Olympics…
Atul Madan
12th November 2018
Guest Blogs

Telecom: How to Tap into the $22 Billion Ecosystem Opportunity

The digital world is growing for telecom operators. With advanced options and the opportunity to get shares in a rapidly advancing market, operators are realizing the impact of improved operational…
Ronald Van Loon
15th October 2018