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Evolution of Messaging in Telecom

Since the advent of telecommunication, SMS messaging has played an important role in communication. The usage of SMS messaging service has evolved over a period of time. Starting from personal…
Santosh Nayak
25th March 2020
Messaging Solutions

Converting Grey Route A2P messaging to White Route

Mobile operators have been fumbling to pave their way through the dark alleys of grey routes. A whopping amount of $18 billion was lost in 2016 worldwide, by mobile network…
22nd September 2017
Messaging Solutions

Why Monetizing A2P Messaging is a Good Business Strategy

These are interestingly turbulent times for telecom operators. On one hand, the players have to contend with rapidly falling average revenue per user, wafer-thin profit margins, increased competition, the list…
Aditya Dhruva
29th December 2016