Mobile Financial Solutions

Taking a Quantum Leap in Digital Banking

Background In the 1970s, the first home computer was introduced. Almost two decades later, the World Wide Web (www) made its debut, thus ushering in a revolution that enabled universal…
Yogesh Joshi
3rd December 2020
Consumer Value SolutionsCustomer Experience Management

Artificial Intelligence for Telecom Companies in the Covid Scenario

Unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic is impacting the entire globe and all business lines - telecom companies are no exception and are impacted as well.  On a positive note, telecom companies…
Mukund Shastri
22nd October 2020

Digital transformation in the BSS space

For today’s operators, the buck doesn’t stop at merely ensuring profitability and retaining customers. The advent of over-the-top players, rapidly shrinking average revenues per user, et all, have changed long-standing…
Tanveer Mahmood
14th January 2020

AI Cannot be Merely Deployed. There are Larger Implications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is certainly a popular buzzword in the industry today and according to surveys by TM Forum, many have now “deployed” AI and are looking to scale. But…
Greg Armstrong
28th November 2019
Customer Experience Management

How (or) Does AI Simplify the CXM Game?

Penning blogs on customer experience management (CXM) can get tricky after a while. The bottom-line of each piece is simple-a sound CXM strategy can make or break a business.Here’s the…
Amit Sanyal
3rd May 2019
Guest Blogs

Trillions and Trillions in Digital Transformation

If you look back at the history of technology you find that what we know is not often what will be.  What we forecast is likely though not often the…
Evan Kirstel
11th September 2018