Customer Experience Management

How (or) Does AI Simplify the CXM Game?

Penning blogs on customer experience management (CXM) can get tricky after a while. The bottom-line of each piece is simple-a sound CXM strategy can make or break a business.Here’s the…
Amit Sanyal
3rd May 2019
Consumer Value Solutions

Big Data Analytics and the Art of Retaining Customers

The customer is always right. No longer just part of Marketing 101, the axiom holds more sinister implications for retailers. Especially today, where being “always-on” isn’t just a phrase-it is…
Amit Sanyal
17th August 2017
Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management and Mobile Money: A Perfect Storm

To incessantly state that mobile money has caught (and held) the imagination of the global payments space is unnecessary. Let’s just jump right in-GSMA’s 2015 State of the Industry Report:…
23rd February 2017
Customer Experience Management

How Analytics Boosts a Company’s CXM Initiatives

There’s no escaping it-customer experience management (CXM) is what makes or breaks a brand. This is especially true today, since telecom operators live in precarious times, with falling average revenue…
Amit Sanyal
4th July 2016
Managed VAS

Managed Services and Customer Experience Management: An Essential Partnership

Technology has evolved, as has managed services.In fact, it would be a bit of an understatement to say that it has undergone several permutations and combinations over the years. Shall…
Anurag Srivastava
22nd March 2016
Customer Value Management

Customer Retention Can Be Tricky!

Without a doubt, the rapid growth of the global telecommunications space seems perfect on paper. Sample this-according to data released by GSMA Intelligence, the total number of mobile connections (including…
Amit Sanyal
17th February 2016