Software Engineering and Technology

Simplifying the Game: Why Chatbots ought to be central to one’s Customer Experience Strategy

We are living in a world where customer service has become as important, as the quality of the product or good an organisation is selling. Less than a decade ago,…
Chandan Kumar Ghosh
3rd December 2020
Mobile Financial Solutions

Taking a Quantum Leap in Digital Banking

Background In the 1970s, the first home computer was introduced. Almost two decades later, the World Wide Web (www) made its debut, thus ushering in a revolution that enabled universal…
Yogesh Joshi
3rd December 2020

Digital transformation in the BSS space

For today’s operators, the buck doesn’t stop at merely ensuring profitability and retaining customers. The advent of over-the-top players, rapidly shrinking average revenues per user, et all, have changed long-standing…
Tanveer Mahmood
14th January 2020

The Changing Content Consumption Patterns: Driving Innovations, Creating Opportunities

The Trends Have Shifted There’s no doubt about it - the mobile handset has taken center stage! Not just that but a customer’s usage patterns has undergone a paradigm shift!…
Manish Jain
14th March 2019
Business Solutions

How to fool-proof your company’s OSS/BSS transformation

OSS/BSS transformation in telecom is a shift from a product centric to a customer centric model with the aim to improve customer experience and hence increase loyalty. Bringing change in…
7th March 2016

What is customer experience management?

Thumb rule for a successful business: Customer experience management Customer experience has emerged as the key differentiator in today’s globally connected and competitive business environment. Customer experience management (CEM) as defined by Gartner…
31st July 2015
Consumer Value Solutions

Managing Customer Experience in Latin America

Amit Sanyal, Assistant Vice President & Joint head for the Consumer Value solutions business, Mahindra Comviva shares his views on the best practices and key challenges in this space. Mahindra…
Amit Sanyal
23rd July 2015
Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management-the Latin American way!

Managing customer experience in Latin America is an interesting proposition-and not merely because each country differs vastly from the other in terms of culture and the law. As a side…
Amit Sanyal
8th June 2015
Internet & Broadband Solutions

Caching as Service: OTT Monetization opportunities for Service Providers

Mobile and fixed broadband traffic is exploding driven by increasing penetration of broadband infrastructure, smart devices (phones, tablets, phablets etc.) and some compelling internet based applications. All this has brought…
Digbijaya Mahapatra
11th December 2014