Guest Blogs

Why Data Monetization is a “Must Have” for Operators Today

A growing number of operators and organizations in today’s world are tilted towards the use of data-driven strategies. Data is the key to success for organizations today and operators have…
Ronald Van Loon
28th November 2019

The Reality of Digital Disruption

To stay ahead of the curve, every organization today is pulling out all the stops to “digitally disrupt” the marketplace. In this process, however, the finer nuances are often lost,…
12th October 2019
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Why Discovering Monetization Opportunities Ought to top an Operator’s To-Do List

These are interestingly challenging times for telecom operators. Whilst keeping pace with fast-changing market trends and customer demands, these players must fire-fight on several other fronts simultaneously. I allude, of…
Atul Madan
30th May 2017