The Reality of Digital Disruption

To stay ahead of the curve, every organization today is pulling out all the stops to “digitally disrupt” the marketplace. In this process, however, the finer nuances are often lost,…
12th October 2019
Internet & Broadband Solutions

Data is the next currency!

Telecom Operators worldwide are facing increasing heat due to gradual erosion in their core infrastructure revenues. P2P Messaging is going down affected by OTT traffic. Net Neutrality concerns are affecting…
Aditya Dhruva
10th February 2016
Consumer Value Solutions

The fine line between insights and actionable insights

We live in a data-rich age. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, annual global IP traffic will pass the zettabyte (1000 exabytes) threshold by the end of 2016, and will…
Amit Sanyal
27th August 2015