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Keeping Distance, Socially: Jumping onto the Social Viewing Bandwagon

Despite the trail of destruction left in its wake, has the ongoing pandemic created a “black swan” moment for online streaming services, albeit unintentionally? To put it in a nutshell,…
Shivangi Maheshwari
25th January 2021
Guest Blogs

The Digital Enterprise: Outperforming Your Competition

With the digital world of data becoming the focal point of discussions and innovation, there is unparalleled hype over what it takes to be a digital enterprise in this day…
Ronald Van Loon
3rd March 2020

Digital transformation in the BSS space

For today’s operators, the buck doesn’t stop at merely ensuring profitability and retaining customers. The advent of over-the-top players, rapidly shrinking average revenues per user, et all, have changed long-standing…
Tanveer Mahmood
14th January 2020
Guest Blogs

Telecom: How to Tap into the $22 Billion Ecosystem Opportunity

The digital world is growing for telecom operators. With advanced options and the opportunity to get shares in a rapidly advancing market, operators are realizing the impact of improved operational…
Ronald Van Loon
15th October 2018
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

How Digital Transformation Has Impacted Digital Business Management

How Digital Transformation Has Impacted Digital Business Management “Today, every business is a digital business.” It’s a quote that business leaders across all industries know well. The irony is that…
Kaustubh Kashyap
21st June 2018