Changing the Rules of the Digital Services Game

The COVID -19 pandemic has, without a doubt, changed the very paradigm of digitalization. Digitalization has, for quite some time, been defined as "the use of digital technologies and digitized…
Atul Madan
15th September 2020

Why Edge Cloud Delivery Networks are an Essential Cog in the High Data Consumption Wheel

There’s no doubting it-companies are increasingly shifting their deployments to the cloud, leaving the option of “on premise” behind. And why not? This is, after all, a challenging time for…
Manish Jain
18th May 2020
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

The Digital Content Juggernaut in Africa

Africa has, for all intents and purposes, emerged as a poster-boy of the global economic market. It has silenced its critics in several fields, including (but not restricted to) banking,…
Atul Madan
15th November 2016