Mobile Data Platform

The Future of USSD in the Telecommunications space

Over the past few decades, USSD technology has carved its own space in the telecom industry. It has enabled a gamut of services, such as mobile banking, customer services, etc.…
Ajay Kulkarni
10th December 2020
Mobile Financial Solutions

Digitizing the Future of Development

Fortuitous circumstances led me to visit the United Nations during the General Assembly week not too long ago. I was amongst the privileged few to participate as a panelist at…
Srinivas Nidugondi
26th November 2019
Mobile Financial Solutions

Regulatory Environment and the Nigerian Mobile Money Industry; Challenges And Opportunities

 Source: There are three major business models in which a mobile money deployment can operate:  MNO-Led: (Most Common) The mobile network operator acts as the acquirer/issuer and hence owns…
Mwema Kerich
28th January 2016