What are the emerging mobile data platforms?

Data is going to be central to the way a company markets its products in the future. Paid social promotions are becoming key weapons as marketers try to break through…
31st August 2015

The rise of mobile data management platform

In today’s world the sheer volume of data that gets generated through consumer behavior surveys, data mining, keyword search based data, 3rd party data, semantic page level data, data collected from…
30th July 2015

What is a mobile content delivery platform?

While the exponential growth of smartphones entails several business opportunities for content providers, it also brings in a host of challenges. Primary amongst these is the fact that mobile devices…
14th July 2015
Internet & Broadband Solutions

Monetizing the Mobile Internet – Partnering with the Right Solution Provider

In the mobile Internet arena, reports from all of world’s leading telecom analysts point to one thing: the imminent data deluge. The combination of increasing smartphone penetration, evolution in data…
Digbijaya Mahapatra
20th November 2012
Mobile Data Platform

Mobile Data – Outpacing Revenue Opportunities

These days, “Mobile Data”, is fast becoming a hot topic globally. This could be attributed to the proliferation of smart devices, smart networks and a smart subscriber base that is…
31st July 2012