Mobile Financial Solutions

Kick-starting the Mobile Wallet Revolution in the GCC Region

Over the past few years, the mobile payments industry has certainly made its presence felt on the global stage. As per data released by Statista, in 2011, the number of…
Srinivas Nidugondi
29th June 2016

Sweden: The first cashless land on earth

The cashless societies - where every transaction is performed digitally- are being envisioned for decades. But hardly there’s been a country that has made it a reality.  But a few…
9th December 2015

What is Mobile money interoperability?

In broad terms, interoperability is the interconnection of mobile money services with external parties, with the aim to create value for both customers and commercial players. Viewed as a “silver…
1st September 2015
Mobile Financial Solutions

Evolution from otc to wallet transactions – a case study

Hasan, while returning on his way from work goes to a mobile money agent, tells him the mobile number of his mother back in his village and hands over Rs.3000…
Anand Prakash
10th August 2015