Nudges and Influences in Financial Services

Application of Behavioral Economics Principles Introduction Analogous to several corporates across other sectors, Financial Institutes (FIs) have inwards-looking business goals to meet. Retail banks constantly strive to acquire new consumers…
Yogesh Joshi
3rd February 2021
Mobile Financial Solutions

Will NFC have an impact in the african mobile payments space?

NFC technology already supports huge amounts of mobile payments around the world.  Ovum forecasts that the number of consumers using it will hit 939 million by 2019 (in 2015 it…
Srinivas Nidugondi
8th December 2016
Mobile Financial Solutions

Kick-starting the Mobile Wallet Revolution in the GCC Region

Over the past few years, the mobile payments industry has certainly made its presence felt on the global stage. As per data released by Statista, in 2011, the number of…
Srinivas Nidugondi
29th June 2016