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Monetizing A2P Messaging: Best Practices and Lessons Learnt

Application-To-Person (A2P) messaging allows customers to interact with businesses through their personal cellular data connection in a one-way line of communication. The growth in the market has resulted in operators…
16th September 2020
Messaging Solutions

Evolution of Messaging in Telecom

Since the advent of telecommunication, SMS messaging has played an important role in communication. The usage of SMS messaging service has evolved over a period of time. Starting from personal…
Santosh Nayak
25th March 2020
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Data is the next currency!

Telecom Operators worldwide are facing increasing heat due to gradual erosion in their core infrastructure revenues. P2P Messaging is going down affected by OTT traffic. Net Neutrality concerns are affecting…
Aditya Dhruva
10th February 2016