The Future of Payments is achievable by re-envisioning the customer's journey, revisiting business models, and overhauling the technological base to ensure long-term success.

Comviva surveyed 200+ decision-makers in the payment industry to understand how businesses are innovating, the investments they’re undertaking, and the obstacles they encounter. From this research emerges the SPARC framework to help businesses master the future of the payment landscape. The SPARC framework seamlessly integrates emerging payment technologies, personalized payment experience, advanced security measures with AI, realizing new business value, and collaborative partnerships.

  1. Unlocking the future of payments through diversification
  2. Overcoming integration, customization, and expertise barriers
  3. The promise of embedded payments in transforming the customer experience
  4. AI’s game-changing impact on payment security
  5. Hybrid strategies lead the charge

The future of payments is here, characterized by seamless, safe payments and an improved user experience enriched with loyalty programs and gamification elements.

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