Welcome to Mahindra Comviva and AITE Group Research on the state of the digital payments industry.

It’s no secret that mobile wallets are the most dominant trend in the payments industry today. But how are various ecosystem players such as Banks, OEMs, Mobile Network Operators, Card Network Providers, Merchants and Third Party Providers capitalizing on this trend? And how is the industry leveraging the tsunami of forces unleashed by mobility, growing smartphone penetration, increasing internet access and rising adoption of technologies such as NFC, HCE, BLE and QR Codes?

A new study by Mahindra Comviva and AITE Research charts the progress and evolution of mobile wallets and also provides a glimpse of the future of mobile payments.

The scope of the research extends into the following areas

Growth and evolution of mobile payments and its impact on e-commerce

Forecast for global online commerce till 2020

Strategies adopted by various mobile wallet participants such as Banks, OEMs, MNOs, Card Network Providers, Merchants and Third Party Providers and the way forward for these participants

SWOT analysis of various mobile wallet models provided by Retailers/Merchants/Financial Institutions and OS/OEM wallets

Way forward for Financial Institutions, Card Networks and other ecosystem players