Health insurance: Best in industry insurance plans
Count on comprehensive coverage for you and your family. Free health check-ups.

Counseling Support Program: Get free, private, anonymous support when you need it from certified experts.

Fitness: Stay fit! Use our onsite gyms, massage chairs, and relaxation zones.

Health & Safety: We are monitoring the situation closely and adhering to the Government policies on Covid-19. We are committed to our employee safety, and will only have 1/3 staff to work from an office.


Paid Sabbatical: Take time away to follow your dreams which need a dedicated time or simply rest, refuel, and recharge.

Intrapreneurship (The P II): Put your ideas on the table and create your execution strategy with full control irrespective of your current level in the organization.

10 percent Rule: We encourage you to devote 10 percent of your office time to incubate any innovative idea you have.

Volunteer: Comviva CSR ( Team ‘Compassion’) actively helps break barriers with bridge education for underprivileged and build their careers.

Family & Parenting

Nanny charges: Avail nanny charges until your ward turns two.

Preferred Parking: Specially designated parking space for expecting mothers and female staff at major development centers.

Own Crèche Facility: We go the extra mile with an in-house crèche, operated at most prominent locations, and subsidized rates.

5-Day Mandatory leave: Once a year, we want you to take time off from your work or to spend time with family.


Culture of Feedback: “Pat” or “Flag” Tool allows anonymous reinforcements of behaviors that are positive and those that need development at all levels.

Business travel accident insurance: Feel safe when you’re away from home.

Diversity & Inclusion: We are a global organization, with people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicity. We have a specific focus on gender diverse hiring. Strong focus on Code of Conduct and Prevention Of Sexual Harassment.

Flexi Hours & Work From Home: We respect your need to balance between your work, family, learning, or even personal needs.


Concierge: Our helpdesk can get your personal chores done while you are busy finishing your daily work.

Late Evening Goodies: Though working late is discouraged at Comviva, but if it can’t be avoided, grab a goodie for yourself, your kid or a family member while heading home.

Free Library: Get a book issued according to your mood!

The Chocolate Box: They keep coming your way when you complete significant milestones.

Super Igniter: Win big rewards by bringing new business irrespective of your role.

Career & Hiring

Early career advancement: Enjoy higher responsibilities early in your career. Internal career opportunities are open to all, after successful completion of 18 months in one’s current role. Reward referrals always!

Role-based compensation: We don’t care about your last salary slip. One gets what a position deserves.

Job Rotation: Support to explore the different dimensions of technology or domain change, 95% of employees were able to convert the IJP to role change.

Mentorship: Mentor alignment for new joiners who are still early in their careers, buddy program for all hires.

Top Talent: Rigorous campus hiring from top institutes ensures that you get to work with the best.

Band X Program: A tech-focused career program for empowering and entrusting SME’s as key decision-makers.


We see our existence, success and growth with you

People Philosophy & Culture

Our People Philosophy & Culture is one that is actively scripted by every Comvivian.

Learning & Development

At Comviva, we are passionate learners. We are a competency-based organization

Technology & Innovation

Being industry leaders, we are sure you can guess what’s in our DNA!

Job Openings

At Comviva, we offer careers and opportunities. Don’t work for us, work with us

Happiness Office

Happiness might be a derivative of doing good work, but we see it as an enabler to deliver great work.


We offer a window to the world – akin to (but not quite) the internet, if we may

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