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Unlocking the Potential of Real-Time Personalization: Boosting Revenue and Loyalty

Personalization is no longer a novelty, but the ability to provide a personalized experience in real-time is what sets businesses apart. In the past, personalization involved grouping people together in…
Greg Armstrong
4th May 2023
BlogConsumer Value Solutions

Overcoming the Top 3 Challenges of Real-Time Personalization

In today's business landscape, personalization is more than just a trendy term. It has become a vital factor in setting companies apart in the age of the digital savvy informed…
Greg Armstrong
21st March 2023
BlogDigital Financial Solutions

Telecom 2025: Envisioning distribution railroads for telecom services of the future

The telecom industry’s traditional sales and distribution (S&D) channels are being subjected to turbulence due to a number of factors, which we had covered in the first part of this…
Sagun Pratap Singh
21st February 2023

The 5G Currency – Value Creation TO Value Capitalization

The mere attention spans that 5G continues to get, from not only the Operators, but the global ecosystem of Hyperscalers, Industrialists, Governments, Enterprises - is not just unparalleled, but also…
Swapnil Shah
20th February 2023

Aim From Being Simple To Sustainable : Various Faces Of “S” In DSP

There is so much applaud around the telco’s transformation from CSP to DSP - and the focus is always on C and D - communication and digital. Larger question though…
Swapnil Shah
20th February 2023
BlogDigital Financial Solutions

What is shaping the future of Sales and Distribution in Telecom?

The telecom industry has recently emerged from an inflection point. Dizzying rates of digital adoption, ecommerce usage, and changing ways of doing work are rapidly reshaping the future of telecom…
Chirantan Sharma
20th January 2023
BlogDigital Financial Solutions

Catering to the unique financial needs of the burgeoning Gig Economy

The global gig economy is expected to grow to $455bn by 2023, more than doubling from $204bn in 2018. Today, the gig economy is expanding at a CAGR of 15%,…
Chirantan Sharma
10th November 2022

Deal or no deal? VC investments at the inflection point

When Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) investments in India logged a record high in 2021, it was hailed as a golden era for startups as ample investors competed…
20th October 2022
Comviva_mobiquity Banking Suite_FlyerBlogDigital Financial Solutions

Customer Excellence in Digital Payment Apps: Ten Must-Haves

As more banking users leave their homes without their leather counterparts, here's what your payment app must offer. The global payments ecosystem repeatedly reminds users that cash is no longer…
Chirantan Sharma
26th September 2022

Cloud BSS: The Route to Future Growth

Enabled by 5G deployments, increased cloud adoption, and higher uptake of AI, Metaverse & Edge, the telecom industry is entering an era of accelerated change. Undoubtedly, the next wave of…

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