Our Culture, ‘The Comviva Way’

We have formally articulated the letter and spirit of Comviva’s culture in the form of a guide entitled, “The Comviva Way”. It clearly describes the behaviors that we hold dear. All these behaviors flow from our 5 Credos– People Focus, Responsiveness, Customer Centricity, Excellence, Integrity.

While the richness and vibrant complexity of our culture can never be limited to a few pages, committing our culture in the written form has enabled us to undertake a structured, KPIs driven approach to culture building, leveraging systems, processes, and technology- but led by Comvivians!

Every Comvivian, regardless of their role or level in the hierarchy, is instrumental in shaping the culture through their actions. And through various systems, everyone is empowered (and expected) to keep the other honest.

Comviva's core philosophy on People Management is represented in the ENERGIZE model

Comviva’s core philosophy on People Management is represented in the ENERGIZE model. It is our proprietary model and is developed based on our rich experience with people, managers, leaders.

ENERGIZE is an acronym covering eight core pillars of people management- aspects that matter to people and businesses. It aligns people’s priorities with business success.

The simple yardstick we apply for all our efforts is: Are able to create enough excitement for people to come to work after their weekend break?

‘People First’ Thumb Rule

In any organization, there are times when ambiguity and dilemma raise their heads, particularly when there is an even split between two options for a people decision/approach. The issue can go either the employee’s or the company’s way.

Whenever we get into a fix like this, our response is  always is to make our best efforts to bend towards the employee side to break the dead-lock. This is a simple rule that keeps us honest. In our experience it almost always ensures alignment of employee to the Organization.

At Comviva we accept the reality of being ‘always-on’

At Comviva we accept the reality of being ‘always-on’ (or being connected to work wherever you may be)  as a ‘given’ part of one’s professional life. But it is also true that there is an inherent pressure to manage personal needs, many of which occur during the normal course of our workdays. Therefore, work-life integration has to be seen in more holistic terms.

We believe that better management of work-life integration will create more positive well-being, and therefore an improved feeling of work-life balance. To enable Comvivians in their endeavors with high accountability for the job, for short spurts and specific personal needs that last for temporary periods, we have several flexi-working policies.


We see our existence, success and growth with you

Technology & Innovation

Being industry leaders, we are sure you can guess what’s in our DNA!

Learning & Development

At Comviva, we are passionate learners. We are a competency-based organization

Happiness Office

Happiness might be a derivative of doing good work, but we see it as an enabler to deliver great work.

Job Openings

At Comviva, we offer careers and opportunities. Don’t work for us, work with us


We offer a window to the world – akin to (but not quite) the internet, if we may

Key Benefits & Unique Practices

From having an integrated work-life to bringing out the best in you, we make sure your dreams become a reality!

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