New Delhi, India – 18 December 2019: Comviva, the global leader in mobility solutions, today announced its first strategic digital business management deal with Zain Jordan, a leading telecom company in the kingdom.

As part of the multi-layer deal, Comviva will provide its industry-leading Digital Business Management Suite which includes Digital Services Delivery Platform (DSDP 2.0) and its expertise in Business Operations and digital content, which will help Zain to drive its growing digital ecosystem.

Comviva’s DSDP 2.0 platform, combined with its expertise in business operations and digital content will help Zain overcome these challenges, helping the operator to stay focused on creating winning digital experience for subscribers, while optimizing systems and processes for cost minimization and revenue gains.

In a statement on the occasion, Ramy Moselhy, VP & Head of MENA Region at Comviva said, “This deal is of strategic advantage to Comviva, as it has given us a footing in the Jordanian market. We are extremely excited to extend our innovative value proposition to Zain, which will help the operator in overcoming the major hurdles in the digital service delivery.”

“We are glad to be partnering with Comviva as our digital business aggregator, and looking forward to benefiting from their expertise to help us boost our content related revenue while maintaining utmost customer experience and cost optimization,” commented Zain Jordan.

With the rising demand for digital services bringing increasing complexity in the content partner ecosystem, Zain Jordan has always desired to make the latest technology tie-ups in storage, access, fraud prevention and customer experience, while bringing whole-scale process improvements for optimizing operations.

Comviva’s DSDP 2.0 platform provides a mediating layer between Zain Jordan and digital service providers, specializing in various content formats like caller ring-back tone (CRBT), video, games, music, live streaming and so on. Unlike earlier, when content providers (CPs) would be dealing with invoices, billing and customer-relationship-management (CRM) integration separately for every new service, now there’s a single DSDP 2.0 layer for service integration, making it easier for CPs to integrate services in Zain’s growing digital ecosystem.

With the aim of broad-basing the ecosystem of digital services, DSDP 2.0 will enable Content Providers to create an end-to-end service, helping those who have a rich content catalogue but lack the means to monetize their content. It provides support to new and exciting content mediums like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), live streaming, e-sports, catering to new digital customer. Data and analytics-driven technologies will help the Zain to automate certain transactions with a greater degree of certainty, adding to the robustness of the system.

With a single repository for digital service, the customer’s digital journey will be uniform on various channels like IVR, SMS, app and so on. Similarly, DSDP 2.0’s single business view, will allow the operator to take faster and more informed decisions on matters affecting their business.


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Comviva is the global leader of mobile solutions catering to The Business of Tomorrows. The company is a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra and a part of the $21 billion Mahindra Group. Its extensive portfolio...