• New platform empowers telecom operators with a customer-centric, self-managed data science workbench to maximize customer lifetime value for both B2C and B2B businesses.
  • Offers a library of over a hundred ready-to-use AI model frameworks designed to support CSPs in customer value management (CVM) and revenue growth programs.

New Delhi, India – 09 July 2024: Comviva, the global leader in customer experience and data monetization solutions, today announced the release of an all-new no-code AI Workbench for its flagship MobiLytixTM Marketing Studio.

MobiLytix™ AIx empowers businesses and marketers to independently initiate AI-based customer value management (CVM) initiatives in both B2C and B2B areas. With its latest enhancements, Comviva offers a library of over a hundred ready-to-use AI model frameworks specifically designed for marketing and revenue growth programs. These frameworks support CSPs in customer value management, sales, CRM, and OM/SM areas.

The platform has been instrumental in delivering many key use cases such as churn prediction, next-best offers, AI-driven cross-sell/upsell, send-time optimization, customer profile enrichment, customer care, order fallout prediction, fulfillment lead time prediction and sales forecasting.

Available in a SaaS model on hyperscalers, MobiLytix™ AIx allows quick access without extensive installation or configuration. The new solution also includes APIs for connecting with industry-standard data platforms. Integrated with comprehensive security features, it allows CSPs to safely store their data, whether on-prem or in the cloud. Additionally, the platform now features a GenAI-driven chatbot for enhanced user experience and product assistance.

Commenting on the launch Amit Sanyal, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, MarTech Solutions at Comviva said, “With our new no-code AI workbench, we deliver ready-built solutions for faster time-to-market and increased returns from Customer Value Management (CVM) programs. MobiLytix AIx empowers telecom operators with a customer-centric, self-managed data science interface for maximizing customer lifetime value for B2C and B2B businesses. The new shall be a game changer for the evolving needs of CSPs by significantly accelerating real-time customer campaign delivery.”

MobiLytix™ AIx provides insights, automation, and data management, enabling ModelOps/AIOps. It now includes an inbuilt MLOps platform for AI/ML model deployment at the click of a button. Utilizing a user-centered self-service design, it delivers a multi-experience AI development workbench.

With the AI Workbench, data scientists and marketers gain access to a library of embedded attributes, models, and algorithms across B2C and B2B customer lifecycle processes, significantly reducing the time needed to develop and implement AI/ML models. Additionally, it offers insightful data storytelling to understand customer responses compared to predicted behaviors.

Comviva has been recently recognized as a Visionary in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for AI in CSP Customer and Business Operations.

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