New Delhi, India – 15 February 2021: Omdia, formerly Ovum, one of the world’s leading research and consultancy company, has featured Comviva’s mobiquity® Banking Suite as one of the key  Digital Banking Platform globally in its recently launched report Omdia Universe: Selecting a Digital Banking  Platform, 2020–21. Comviva has been ranked high on “customer experience” and its mobiquity® Banking Suite has been judged to be a “very innovative solution”, basis recommendation from clients.

The report highlights that Comviva has an agile platform and a team that can react quickly to industry trends and has the capability to innovate at a faster pace without being burdened with cumbersome legacy product solutions. Comviva’s particular strength lies in supporting a variety of payment rails including digital wallets, P2P payments, QR codes, and A2A payments, and a modular architecture which has been built keeping instant payments in mind.

Speaking on the recognition, Srinivas Nidugondi, EVP and COO, Digital Financial Solutions at Comviva said, “We are thrilled to be listed by one of the world’s leading research and consultancy company Omdia in their report Omdia Universe: Selecting a Digital Banking Platform, 2020–21. This mention is a testimony to the fact that we are delivering world-class digital banking solution to our clients. We are proud that our mobiquity® Banking Suite is helping multiple banks in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America to deliver digital-first banking experience to consumers creating value for them.”

Comviva’s mobiquity® Banking Suite provides a comprehensive solution to banks and financial institutions to build, manage, optimize and deliver the multi-channel banking experience, as well as continuously iterate and engage the consumers, through instant  configuration  capability, personalization and experimentation engine. It also delivers seamless, swift and secure digital payments to the customers, by facilitating prepaid wallet and leveraging technologies such as HCE, tokenization and QR Code.

The report gives a detailed and holistic view of the leading vendors, to help the CIO, heads of digital, and digital channel executives select the digital banking platforms that fulfil their specific digital transformation ambitions.

The mobiquity® Banking Suite provides one digital backend delivering optimized APIs for every front-end channel, enabling multi-channel experience. This empowers banks to deliver a consistent, unified and hyper-personalized experience, thereby enhancing the consumer’s value, and, subsequently, profitably transition to the digital age.

The Omdia report states that Comviva provides highly relevant capabilities for its target markets, and Comviva’s strongest features are its support of emerging channels, user experience, and payments capabilities. The platform adopts a modular approach with banks able to “plug and play” by selecting their building blocks from a digital experience layer, digital transaction layer, and digital payment module.


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