A Cloud Based Integrated Messaging Platform For A Leading Operator In Africa.

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30% Reduction in Cost

Call for Change

One of the largest telecommunications providers in Africa, the mobile network operator (MNO) has seen large-scale growth, reaching over 100 million users in 14 countries. As the mobile services landscape continues to mature at a fast pace in Africa, the operator was facing a major challenge to add new services to the network, while also managing existing services.

With network services and subscriber messaging infrastructure spread across multiple systems, the MNO was faced with growing inefficiencies in operations management and capacity utilization. These issues were escalating technology infrastructure expenses and impacting their ability to add new revenue-generating services. Rolling out a new offer or service required coordination across multiple siloed vendor platforms previously in use.

The MNO wanted to adopt a roadmap to upgrade to the latest technologies with a solution that is ready for next-gen technologies such as 5G, and Virtualization. They wanted a solution that would consolidate their messaging and VAS infrastructure in a single platform, eliminate costly license fees, and replace the cumbersome deployment processes for new service creation and launch.

Technology at Play

TAT to roll out new VAS was reduced from 3 weeks or 3days
Hardware CAPEX and OPEX reduced thanks to virtualized deployment
Zero-coding approach/ reusable components - create biz-apps faster using rapid app testing and deployment framework
A2P Monetization of push messaging traffic
Centralized GNOC integration with GUI based alert monitoring system
Reduced costs in shared license usage for messaging across operating companies
value added services consolidated across regions
Components for managing mulitple messaging types of consolidated platform
Short codes from various channels, were seamlessly integrated and migrated

Comviva proposed an end-to-end provisioning platform for the client, powered by Comviva’s consolidated messaging platform – UNO – with an add-on business services layer powered by LEAP to alleviate the time-to-market issues faced by the MNO.

Since the platform is deployed in the MNO’s private cloud in a virtual environment, the deployment process is significantly easier, while also making future upgrades to the infrastructure much simpler. With a single platform to manage service creation across channels, Rapid Application development is made even simpler using prebuilt connectors.

Comviva’s solution empowered the client to consolidate over 200 new value-added services and channels spread across use cases for marketing, operations management, compliance, new customer services, and enabling new revenue streams.

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