Building a truly ‘digital’ ‘cash-light’ Uganda with mobiquity Pay

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Call for Change

Comviva’s mobiquity Pay is empowering one of the largest mobile operator’s mobile money platforms in Uganda. This came in as a catalyst of change, spearheading the financial inclusion of businesses, particularly the informal SMEs operating in a cash-heavy environment, and ushering Uganda into the era of a true ‘digital’ and ‘cash-light’ economy.

The MSMEs were facing multi-fold challenges in Uganda which ultimately led to disputes and customer dissatisfaction. While there was a considerable time spent in cash counting which triggered long queues, the other major concerns were related to theft and security as the handling and logistics of the physical currency became super difficult.

Technology at Play

Since July 2019, Comviva’s cutting-edge mobiquity® platform is enabling Uganda’s major mobile service operator’s mobile money platform users to embrace technology which is the driving force of this transformation. The platform empowers seamless, secure, and swift digital transactions, revolutionizing the way businesses and customers interact and do business.

  • Get a playbook of use cases to perform day to day business transactions.
  • Experience and give your customers a seamless experience which comes with 100% digital transactions hence eliminating the need to handle cash.

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