Vodafone Germany Improves Experience for 45Mn customers by simplifying the delivery of converged services

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An Omnichannel, Unified experience across online and offline channels

Call for Change

Resulting from numerous acquisitions over last two decades, the operator had accumulated a range of multimedia services over fixed and mobile networks, creating a complexity for the company’s IT teams in delivering a fast, flexible and user- friendly customer experience while managing several legacy BSS.

The operator wanted to optimize the customers’ choice of the range of converged services over a seamless experience, while empowering sales advisors with a 360-degree view of a customer – both household as well as the individual subscription.

Technology at Play

of all customer interactions with Vodafone Germany are now digital
Significant improvements in the converged sales experience for both telesales and retail customers
Increased its flexibility in building bundled products

Comviva Modernized disparate business support systems to create a unified, omnichannel cloud-native system to rapidly serve customers with a choice of converged services

The transformation was broken down into two, starting with assisted sales channels, which covers telesales, retail, Vodafone’s own shops, and partner shops across Germany which are doing assisted sales and later to digital channels.

Single Platform would enable the operator to support physical as well as digital services, and ensure automated fulfilment across merged channels by integrating its digital channels to create a coherent system, allowing the customers to interact on any channel seamlessly.

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