Federated catalog to enable omnichannel, multi-play commerce for New Zealand’s largest internet service provider.

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Witnessed 10% increase in sales & Reduced Average Handle Time by 40%

Call for Change

The existing CSP legacy systems with discrete sales & business rules have been the biggest hindrance in extending seamless Omnichannel Customer experience. Simplified IT architecture that supports innovation, deployment renovation (Cloud / SaaS), and monetizing newly launched services was the need of the hour.

The client maintained multiple product catalogs, which were managed in the third-party CRM and order management systems as well as manually configured for digital channels. These digital channel applications used different APIs for interacting with the backend IT systems and retrieving information, leading to:

  • Broken customer Journeys
  • Poor customer experience due to high Average Handling time
  • Revenue leakage due to higher order fallouts
  • Long time to launch new products due to legacy infrastructure
  • Inconsistency of sales workflows across different channels

Technology at Play

sales increase
reduced Average Handle Time (AHT)
months implementation cycle
reduced order errors
weeks was all it took to launch our digital channel.
hours is all it took for us to achieve a faster time to market with our new product launch
  • The CSP partnered with Comviva BlueMarble solution to built-in simple, configurable omnichannel customer journeys. The TM Forum compliant microservices-based solution built a centralized digital enablement layer that works with underlying legacy IT systems and supports delivery of standalone/bundled digital services and physical products across digital and assisted channels

Comviva BlueMarble helped the CSP establish a new Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) that centrally manages products across mobile, fixed and consumer, SMB customers and completes the migration of products and rules from the existing distributed catalogue(s) to help the operator address the ever evolving business requirements, technology landscape and market needs with a federated catalog.

The solution also enabled direct and deep integration with the order and logistics back-end systems, provided a consolidated UI and workflows across all channels, and consolidated commercial product catalog with integration into business backend.

Our win construct involved the flexibility of the BlueMarble rule engine and adapter service that provided a solid foundation of eCommerce at the CSP

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