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Revitalizing Telco Experiences: Navigating the Digital Landscape

Exploring digital opportunities for you beyond voice
November 28, 2023

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    Redefining CX with Emerging Technologies

    July 12, 2023
    In an era of emerging customer needs, understanding the customer psyche is what lays the foundation of success for businesses.
    Hear from our EVP & COO – MarTech, Amit Sanyal, as he highlights the top three pillars of CX: personalization at scale, brand advocacy, and generative AI to create more meaningful experiences for customers.

    Diversify to Amplify

    Exploring revenue opportunities for operators beyond voice
    July 06, 2023

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      Enhancing customer lifetime value through AI-led CVM programs

      September 13, 2022 – 18:30 – 19:30 Time Zone: Asia/Calcutta
      Learn what drives value for your customers, and how to enhance your customer experience and create a sustainable competitive advantage through AI-led customer value management (CVM).

      Telcos seizing new 5G B2B opportunities

      August 25, 2022 – 2:00 pm Time Zone: BST Duration: 1 hour

      The industry consensus is that 5G revenue growth will come from B2B opportunities. Seizing those opportunities in a rapidly changing competitive environment, however, will require telcos to address several pain points, as we discuss in this webinar.

      Join us to learn how telcos can:

      • Use IT to interface with an ecosystem of non-telco partners, suppliers and customers
      • Leverage standalone 5G to become a central player in ‘beyond-connectivity’ service models
      • Provide customer experience levels that are the trademark of digital native companies
      • Align ambitious new business goals with their operational capabilities

      Leveraging 5G: new products, services and experiences

      2022 sees the launch of 5G core networks and the potential for operators to leverage new capabilities such as edge computing and network slicing. And if communications service providers (CSPs) are to create new revenue streams from 5G they will need to deliver new services and experiences for enterprises across a range of different market segments and verticals. This may require new BSS systems and functions that allow operators to innovate, scale and leverage network and customer data.

      Next-generation BSS: the case for a modular approach

      Ulrich Irnich, CIO – Vodafone Germany and Bikram Sherawat, Global Business Head, Platforms, and 5G – CME Vertical, Tech Mahindra. Moderated by Ed Finegold, Contributing Analyst- TM Forum

      BlueMarble BSS, powered with a modular architecture that enables access to new revenue sources in the digital world while accelerating time to launch and scaling new differentiated lines of business, such as IoT, 5G, cloud applications, and virtualized services.

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      In collaboration with YOURSTORY

      This webinar offers an in-depth analysis of the principles of data science entails. It also examines how data science can be leveraged across multiple potential and new use cases.

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      5G, along with other technologies like AI, Quantum Computing, IoT, VR, Blockchain, etc., are rapidly converging. These technologies are set to transform not just businesses and industries, but our lives as well. This webinar offers an in-depth analysis of how the lives of consumers will transform in the era of smart connectivity and how 5G will fuel this transformation.

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      This webinar offers an in-depth analysis of the opportunities 5G entails for operators, in terms of ensuring value creation. It also examines the challenges these players are likely to encounter on the 5G journey, as well as a potential way forward.

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      This webinar takes an in-depth look at what “digital transformation” implies for existing sales and distribution networks. It also examines how the “distribution” process can be fully optimized and the challenges that require to be addressed.

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      This webinar offers an in-depth look at the evolution of next-generation technologies, such as AI, ML, deep learning and data science. It also highlights how data science is being leveraged by operators, as well as the business value the tool offers.

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      This webinar examines why security ought to be integrated in agile, as well as the best practices in security engineering for product development. It also highlights the secure development lifecycle and the challenges pertaining to secure agile.

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      This webinar explores the advent of an application-centric economy and how current business challenges are addressed. It also offers insight into the best practices in this context, as well as a likely future roadmap.

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      This webinar examines the challenges and opportunities the ongoing pandemic has brought to the fore for telecom operators in the global communications space. It also highlights how these players are addressing this challenge, as well as a likely future roadmap.

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      An analysis of the value of a whole range of different data analytics tools across the entire CSP organization

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      An in-depth look at the building blocks telecom operators need to put in place before they start to use AI and the benefits to CVM that will result.

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      This webinar examines how operators can strengthen their relationship with the customer via social channels

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