2024 Global CMO Survey Report


Crafting the Future of Marketing with Generative AI

As with any emerging technology, there will be early adopters, cautious optimists, and skeptics. One thing, however, is certain: the marketing world must stay agile, learn quickly, and be ready to adapt to the GenAI wave that’s set to break over the industry. Whether it’s a complete transformation or a tool for specific improvements, GenAI is the future knocking on the door.

Let’s explore the evolving landscape of GenAI for Marketing.

Welcome to the world of GenAI

Comviva’s Research Centre conducted a comprehensive survey with 300+ key marketing decision-makers across various industries. Our study uncovers that the rapidly unfolding GenAI revolution demands a proactive approach, widespread engagement, and thoughtful strategy formulation to seize emerging opportunities and navigate through potential challenges:

  • In-House Expertise: The Missing Link
  • Technical Integration: The Innovation Knot
  • Finding the Fit: Relevant Use Cases
  • Data Privacy: The Unyielding Gatekeeper
  • The Ethical Conundrum

Download this report to learn more about how GenAI stands out as a transformative force, reshaping how we understand, interact, and influence consumer behaviour.

Key Findings:

  • GenAI emerges as a transformative force, capable of creating, optimizing, and personalizing marketing efforts at an unprecedented scale
  • 70% of marketers are anticipating a profound impact on creative content planning and generation followed by 65% for personalized marketing and customer experiences.
  • Marketing applications are on the brink of significant change, with 54% of participants indicating that GenAI will have the greatest impact on dynamic content creation.
  • GenAI is synonymous with financial gains, with 44% of those surveyed viewing revenue growth as the foremost indicator of GenAI investment success.

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