Product Validation / Testing

Focused on


We want to ensure that our products work correctly and meet their standards for quality. This applies to new products that are under development and existing products that must undergo quality testing.

Purpose & Challenges

Apply, design and develop automated testing strategies and build automated testing frameworks. Develop and configure test automation networks and execute stability and performance tests
Coordinate with product management and software and support engineers to deliver stable enterprise software products. Analyze performance test requirements and develop test plans and debug to understand test objective requirements.

  • Rapid Detection and Auto recovery
  • Robust automated Perceptive Intelligent Testing
  • Service Performance Insights Suite
  • One-Stop Shop for Network Testing Needs
  • Simulating Customer Experience
  • Advanced Diagnostics

Learning & Growth

  • As a developer your will not only cater to domestic market but will have the opportunity to build solutions for the global market which will impact the every 4th mobile user on the planet
  • Entrepreneurial culture to stretch your learning and help you to explore beyond your conventional learning
  • Create solution for the untapped markets
  • Creating an organic thirst for learning is a part of our culture and we are committed to our employees’ professional development
  • Agile learning practices
  • Mobile enabled learning practice
  • Learning programs are built around employees’ priorities
  • Invest in employees’ career development and give them a chance to keep updating their skills and knowledge

Other categories

Technology & Product Development

Our Tech & Product teams hire product managers, business analysts, engineers, SMEs and other technical roles. Together, they deliver products that serve billions of users worldwide.

Sales & Business Development

Our Sales and Business teams include sales experts, business developers, technical analysts, etc. They help telecom operators and enterprises around the world to deploy the best of solutions.

People, Finance & Facilities

Our People, Finance & Facilities teams include HR specialists, admins, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Marketers, etc. Together they are the enablers and serve as prime support functions to all other units.

Technical Operation Support

Our Technical Operation Support hires software engineers, SREs, operation managers, technical delivery lead, and other support operation roles. Our operations team ensures smooth customer operations which impacts millions of users.

Data Science

Our Data Science teams hire software engineers, AI/ML practitioners, data scientists, and data analysts. They create new-age solutions and products at Comviva to solve the most complex of our customer’s problems and help them to explore new business avenues..

Product Validation/Testing

Our Product Validation/Testing teams hire software engineers from various domains, particularly for testing. Comviva primarily being a product company, our product validation team ensure we are delivering trusted products with high quality.

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