Leveraging the benefits of The Microsoft Cloud, Comviva CPaaS makes it simpler for Telcos to offer secure, scalable and open communication platforms to enterprises

New Delhi, India – 22 January 2023: Comviva, a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra, and a global leader in customer experience and data monetization solutions today announced the availability of its Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution powered by Microsoft Azure.

Comviva’s Ngage is an intelligent omnichannel Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution that enables real-time communication capabilities, helping enterprises enhance and personalize their end-user customer experience seamlessly across channels. With a cloud-based delivery model, Ngage CPaaS seamlessly integrates with business applications and enables secure real-time customer interactions serving all customer engagement use cases from marketing to operations to customer service. It enables enterprises to communicate with their end customers through the appropriate context and channels over a secure, scalable and open cloud communication platform.

Comviva is empowering Telecom operators to offer a modern, modular and open communication platform for their enterprise customers, combined with the security and scalability of Microsoft Azure.

Manoranjan (Mao) Mohapatra, Chief Executive Officer at Comviva said, “We are intensely committed to delivering integrated modern customer experiences and monetization capabilities and investing in new technologies to set ourselves up for future success. With Comviva CPaaS, Communication Services Providers shall monetize and accelerate innovation with agility. This shall empower them to meet the growing demands of enterprises where every campaign requires personalized variations, tighter consistency across channels, and shorter turnaround times.”

Marianne Roling, Vice President, Global Systems Integrators, Microsoft said: “We’re pleased that Comvivas’ innovative Ngage CPaaS solution takes advantage of Azure’s secure and scalable AI and natural language services. The modern digital experiences that CPaaS is delivering will enable Telcos to bring secure communication channels and services to customers.”

Comviva’s CPaaS is a full-stack platform to empower Telecom service providers to drive real-time customer interactions for enterprises. It powers both one-way and two-way communications across various messaging interfaces and protocols, thus ensuring high quality customer experiences. The platform supports messaging services and chats powered with conversational AI capabilities across the industry verticals. It’s cognitive automation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities empower enterprises to deliver enriched customer experiences by automating user interactions in a human-like language. It is one of the most scalable platforms in the industry handling over 80+ billion messages in a year.

About Comviva Technologies

Comviva simplifies business complexity. Our innovative portfolio of digital solutions and platforms brings greater choice, faster time to market and flexibility, to better meet the evolving needs of our customers as they drive growth, transform, and bring efficiency. From maximizing customer lifetime value to enabling large-scale digital transformation, we partner globally with organizations in the communications and financial industry to solve problems fast and transform for tomorrow. Comviva solutions have been deployed by over 130 Communication Services Providers and Financial Institutions in more than 90 countries and have delivered the benefits of digital and mobility to billions of people around the world. Comviva is a completely owned subsidiary of Tech Mahindra and a part of the Mahindra Group. For more information, visit us at www.comviva.com

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Comviva is changing the world through digital experiences. Our innovative portfolio of digital solutions and platforms brings greater choice, faster time to market, and flexibility to meet our customers’ evolving needs better as they...