New Delhi, India – 22 February 2021: Comviva, the global leader in providing mobility solutions today introduced the new generation Digital Services Delivery Platform (DSDP) for banking  industry.  The platform empowers banks to offer diverse digital content services and create super app to deliver best possible experience for customers. The solution also allows banks to provide hyper-personalized experience through customized price bundles, content, and service offerings.

Comviva’s DSDP Banking suite offers advanced digital capabilities for both banks and its customers. Customers can subscribe and discover hassle free services across multiple genres such as entertainment, travel, food, education, fitness etc. in just few clicks. Banks can build, manage, optimize and deliver the subscription services through seamless integration with multiple partners using its Subscription Lifecycle Management capabilities on the same infrastructure. This significantly reduces operational costs and service procurement timelines while driving customer analytics and simplifying partner management. It further provides a robust and agile framework for continuous innovation and digital service delivery.

Speaking on the occasion Manish Jain, Vice President, Digital Lifestyle Solutions at Comviva said, “In today’s hypercompetitive Banking Industry, the most complex challenges that banks face are in terms of customer engagement, retention and churn. They are looking to provide rapid, innovative services in real-time to their customers and seek support of digital technology partners to create new business opportunities and help them in their digital transformation journey. Comviva’s DSDP Banking suite is a comprehensive, scalable, API driven platform. It is a complete multi-channel platform that enables Banks to offer rich suite of digital services in an integrated and secured environment.”

“Comviva’s DSDP is a next-gen platform for Banks to offer digital services and comes with rich set of capabilities to explore and realize new opportunities arising out of digital without exposing them to risks or escalating costs. The platform has a robust roadmap to ensure that it remains ahead of market needs and business requirements,” further added Manish.

By deploying the DSDP Banking suite, Banks are able to manage all available subscription plans via a common interface. Also, banks will be able to launch these plans in real-time without experiencing network downtime. Banks can offer flexible discount plans, based on the subscriber’s usage patterns. The platform is flexible to configure various nodes as per the bank requirements. The platform also enables partner management capability that ensures smooth onboarding of different  partners and manage their lifecycle, reconciliation and settlement.

Its future ready, micro services based, cloud ready multi-tenant architecture provides a common role based interface for accessing different capabilities of the platform invariably making it a Capabilities as a Service (CaaS) Platform. The micro services are made available in the form of open APIs for consuming

these platform capabilities. The architecture supports API security and multilevel API response along with web-based reporting tool. The two-tiered security mechanism of vertical and horizontal approval ensures multiple check points before any changes are reflected in the system.


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