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We are among the leaders of mobility solutions. With an expansive suite of productized solutions, we cater to over two billion mobile users globally.

Digital Wallet: mobiquity® Pay

A next-generation mobile financial services platform for mobile commerce & financial inclusion focussed on un-banked and under-banked consumers…

Merchant Payments: PayPLUS

A unified payment acceptance platform that enables the acceptance of any payment instrument across multiple channels.

Digital Banking

Comviva’s mobiquity® Banking suite provides a comprehensive solution to banks and financial institutions

Digital Lending

With Yabx, we aim to enable the underserved with limited credit history to get fair access to financial services tailored to their needs.

Application Driven Network Platform (ADriN)

An Intent-driven, Network-aware, Developer-first platform that empowers applications and devices to dynamically control and tailor their network experience in real-time.

BlueMarble Commerce

Omnichannel & MultiPlay digital commerce solution for CSPs. Leverages a microservices architecture to usher business agility and kick-start digital journey.

BlueMarble BSS

Convergent, end-to-end, 5G ready BSS stack with unified CRM to drive operational agility and seamless digital experience. Single platform with 360o view of real time subscriber information and automated dynamic workflows.

BlueMarble Retail

Rapidly build and scale dynamic retail distribution network of any size, transform sales efficiency, increase operational agility and enhance customer experience.

Digital Content Aggregation

We aggregate rich media content and mobile applications from various media houses, content studios and online sources for distribution over an operator’s network

OTT Services

Over-the-Top (OTT) Services entails the delivery of audio, video and other multimedia content over the internet

Digital Business Management

A platform that aggregates VAS services and offers an end-to-end solution which enables greater focus on VAS revenue streams and cost optimization

Digital Services Delivery Platform

Aimed at enabling the digital ecosystem, the platform fulfills the requirements of today’s telecom companies and enterprises.

Electronic Recharge

PreTUPS™ is an intelligent electronic recharge distribution platform and a proven prepaid account management solution

Voucher Management

Comviva’s PreTUPS™ VMS is most comprehensive voucher management system with physical, electronic and digital voucher

Integrated Communication

The Uno platform adopts a unified approach to the provisioning, control, and management of messaging & voice services and channels offerings.

Integrated Messaging: LEAP

A multi-channel, multi-interface platform to create applications and provide end-to-end services with zero-code touch.

Messaging Firewall

Illegitimate activities by fraudsters in A2P messaging space is on a ever high, leading to significant revenue loss to MNOs and mobile abuse to subscribers globally. For Operators, this also results in diminished brand value & poor customer experience.

MobiLytix™ Real Time Marketing

The MobiLytix™ Real Time Marketing offering is a big data-driven mobile analytics solution that generates actionable customer insights

MobiLytix™ Loyalty & Rewards

This solution is an analytics powered marketing solution that enables marketers to run high-quality loyalty programs of different scales

MobiLytix™ Digital

This platform is designed to accelerate customer experience. The offering unearths deep actionable customer experience management insights, whilst supporting AI and machine learning-driven recommendations.

Ngage: Omni-channel Enterprise Marketing

Comviva’s Ngage is an omni-channel mobile engagement solution that enables enterprises to engage with customers, through the appropriate channel and context.

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