mobiquity® Pay is a feature - rich, robust, scalable & flexible platform

The platform is holistic and serves consumers, service providers, and Fintech alike. We facilitate digital payments for all customer segments through all form factors and modes (USSD, QR codes, NFC, etc.). Consumers can securely make merchant payments, pay bills, and send or receive money along with having access to micro-financial services such as savings, loans, and insurance.

Businesses and governments can credit salaries, disburse cash subsidies, relief aid, and make other bulk payments. mobiquity® Pay is built on micro-service based architecture to achieve greater agility, time to market, and fetch a higher value from fast-changing digital business models and services.

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Features and Functionalities

Unparalleled expertise

By revolutionizing the lives of over 130 million customers around the globe, mobiquity® Pay has transformed the way customers save, borrow, transfer, and spend money.

Comprehensive Payment Solution

  • A Technology Agnostic Payments Solution: From a millennial paying instore by scanning a QR Code using a smartphone or via Tap and Pay to a worker sending money to his family using USSD on a feature phone, mobiquity® Pay empowers consumers across segments to perform all types of cashless mobile payments for their various needs through different channels including mobile application, QR Codes, NFC, USSD, IVR, and Web. mobiquity® Pay supports both proximity and remote payments.
  • Made For Everyone: For unbanked consumers, mobiquity® Pay offers a stored value account (SVA), a prepaid digital wallet linked to their mobile number, enabling them to do multiple financial transactions. For banked and carded consumers, mobiquity® Pay provides an option to save a payment instrument like a credit card, debit card or bank account with the digital wallet and make payments using it.
  • Embracing The Open: Using mobiquity® Pay, consumers can manage all their payment instruments from their mobile devices to carry out proximity and remote payments. mobiquity® Pay also provides wallet-linked Mastercard/Visa companion cards to make online and in-store payments.

Launch, Monetize, and Optimize New Services

  • Monetize Through Dynamic Pricing: Digital Financial Service providers can frequently revise pricing and run new promotions to gain a competitive mobiquity® Pay provides the flexibility to set pricing and commission amounts based on multiple parameters, such as the customer’s profile, location, etc.
  • Optimize System Performance: mobiquity® Pay offers a highly scalable and reliable platform built using micro-services. The platform is cloud-native, auto-scalable, and highly It allows automated recovery with a liveliness probe. It also offers load regulation with a graceful shutdown and readiness probe. It also supports 100% automated deployment with zero downtime.
  • Monitoring through detailed dashboards: mobiquity® Pay provides a graphical dashboard to showcase a comprehensive view of all important business KPIs to monitor the health of the digital payment system.
  • Proactive disaster prevention: mobiquity® Pay X has the capability of proactive disaster management by identifying threshold breaches for critical application and system parameters in advance and providing real-time notifications for corrective actions.
  • Complete transaction tracking: Order and Payment System provides end-to-end tracking of entire payment transaction across all stages- order creation, processing of payments, order fulfillment and provisioning, keeping the consumers informed of their transaction status.

Faster Time-to-Market

  • Launch New Services 80 percent Faster: With a focus on winning customers through differentiated experiences, service providers are continually launching new services. mobiquity® Pay can boost them to rapidly create and launch new services by cloning and modifying existing business processes, launching a new service 80 percent faster.
  • Drive innovation with Open APIs: mobiquity® Pay expedites rapid service expansion for developers and third-party service providers by providing open APIs to enable integration with the mobile money and digital payments ecosystem. This further provides customers with a wide range of offerings from these third-party providers.
  • Seamless Integrations: Supporting over 1000 integrations across our deployments, mobiquity® Pay provides technology teams with a middleware layer to enable faster third-party integrations, reducing the go-to-market time by around 30 percent.
  • Simpler and faster process for user lifecycle management: An advanced user management system with an intuitive UI, dedicated workspaces for each business persona, and real-time feedback for errors, enables faster user onboarding and lifecycle management without flaws.


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Key Use Cases

Transform the way your customers save, borrow, transfer and, spend money

Covering a wide spectrum of payment services extending from financial inclusion to financial enrichment, mobiquity® Pay provides a variety of use cases to customers which range from peer-to-peer money transfer to merchant payments to bill payments and also include the following:

Merchant Payments

To help mitigate the problem of cash crunch, offline merchant payments via mobile money were introduced in Zimbabwe. Today there are more than 50,000 merchants ranging from supermarkets to street vendors. mobiquity® also supports online merchant payments which helps marketplace customers meet three goals: increase revenues, provide a better merchant experience, and reduce onboarding costs. Companion Cards, NFC and QR code-based payments support secure in-store digital payments, thus providing an enhanced customer experience.

Bill Payments

Paying his electricity bill was a big challenge for Mohamed as he had to shut his tea stall for a day and travel to the department office for payment. Bill payment through his mobile wallet has enabled Mohamed to pay the bill from his stall, saving both time and money for him. Mickael in Niger, where over 90% of the households use coal or wood for cooking, uses the same service for the purchase of gas bottles every month with an additional benefit of paying bills in instalments in the time of financial hardship. mobiquity® allows users to pay all types of bills on the go.

Financial Aid distribution

Long-drawn conflict in Iraq has displaced 3 million people and forced 237,000 Syrians to become refugees. Sara and her family were dependent on financial support from humanitarian organizations like UNHCR, WFP, etc. for her basic needs of shelter, food, and clothes. Leveraging the network of a leading telecom in the region, mobiquity® enabled these organizations to digitally disburse aid to Sara’s family and 200,000 other households covering over 1 million people.

International remittances

Remittance costs in some countries go as high as over 10%, making it difficult for people to send money to their families. Chiso’s brother went to Malawi last year and is a driver for a rich businessman. He sends $100 every month to Chiso, who is a student, for his monthly expenses. Earlier, Chiso not only received less than $90 from this, but the money usually took 4-5 days to reach him. Through using mobile money now, Chiso gets around $99 for his expenses and, that too within minutes. And he receives details of the transaction through a message instantly. Every month, over one million dollars are transferred between Malawi and Tanzania digitally.

Companion Cards

Every morning, Abdul goes to work, leaving his mother Saeeda alone in the house. Since Abdul takes his phone with him, Saeeda was unable to purchase necessary items using mobile money. With the introduction of mobiquity® powered companion card, linked to Abdul’s mobile wallet, Saeeda can now easily run the house while Abdul is at work. She can make transactions at every merchant accepting Master Card or Visa, and can also opt for ATM cash-out in case she needs cash immediately. Companion cards have made life simpler for Abdul, Saeeda, and many more households like them.

Government Payments

Salary payments to govt. employees in Afghanistan were previously marred by corruption with senior officials pocketing salary disbursement. Junior policemen, like Abdul, were often unaware of their actual salary. The government, in partnership with a telecom, decided to disburse salaries digitally, making the process easy and corruption free. mobiquity® helped Abdul and other policemen to receive their actual salary, 30% more than what they used to get before. mobiquity® further also helped to uncover that 10% of the workforce was ghost police officers, whose salaries were pocketed by others.

Savings Club

Romy owns a grocery store in Bulawayo and keeps most of her savings in a group of six women which can be accessed when needed. Digitizing the group activities has provided a more inclusive, secure, transparent, and convenient way of savings for Romy and her group. Every week, Romy transfers $5 digitally to the club, and with the amount she gets every sixth week, she replenishes stocks and purchases new products for her store. With the savings club, many females like Romy are financially included. This has reduced the financial access gender gap by 50% compared to conventional banks.

Micro-Savings Account

23% of the adult population in low and medium countries save at home or through informal channels. People like Alex find it difficult to open a savings bank account owing to complex registration, high minimum balance, and high maintenance fees. Using his mobile money account, Alex was able to open a saving account instantly and earns 4% annual interest without paying any maintenance fee or maintaining any minimum balance. Over 1.5 million other people in Zimbabwe are saving small amounts in their accounts, helping them to build resilience and prepare for financial emergencies.

Mobile Ticketing

In Bangladesh, about 47% of urban residents do not have convenient access to public transport. Black marketing for tickets has also generated a scarcity issue. Sabbir, a daily wage earner from Dhaka, Bangladesh is a frequent train passenger who use to spend 4 hours of his daily time, standing in a queue to book a ticket. Mobile ticketing powered by Mobiquty made ticket booking convenient, simple, reliable, and transparent. Access to public transport now is easy for Sabbir. Thanks to mobiquity® the average cost of obtaining tickets is now reduced by 84% compared to doing it manually.

Social payments

While revisiting the pictures of a recent trip on social media, Eric immediately realized his pending payment to Mandi. Instead of pausing his social media fun to make a payment, Eric simply opened the chat window to make the payment on the social media platform itself. It quickly followed up with a thank you note from Mandi, after which the friends were back to gossiping about the fun they had during the trip.

Short-term small-value loans

Ahead of the festive season, Fareeda was looking to stock up on her garment shop’s inventory. She had similar plans last year but access to capital was a big challenge for her. Banks denied her loan because of her small and variable income. This year, she came to know about micro-loans offered by her mobile money provider without the need for any documents or opening a savings account. She easily secured a loan of $100 and made profits during the festive season after paying back the loan. Over 2 million other users like Saeeda are benefitted from such a service in Tanzania.


Farmers like Ibrahim often face hardship as a result of one bad season. To avoid this, Ibrahim insures his crops with premium as low as $1 per year, paid through his mobile money, covering his crops in event of unfavorable weather. Similar is the story of Mbaku, a street hawker who pays micro-premium every month digitally to insure his health and life. The claims are credited to his wallet are processing. mobiquity® is helping individuals globally build financial resilience by offering micro-insurance services using their mobile phones. A similar service in Zimbabwe is helping over 2 million individuals, providing them the opportunity to have better healthcare.


Success with Comviva

At Cassava Smartech our aim is to help people live better lives through the transformative power of mobile money. We shall spare no effort in driving mobile money services in Zimbabwe because we believe that mobile money is one of the most important tools for improving the lives of people and enabling economic growth. In line with this goal, we aim to continuously improve EcoCash services for a better tomorrow. Hence, we have upgraded EcoCash to the latest fifth generation of mobiquity® Money platform to improve system resilience, increase capacity, strengthen security, and enhance the consumer experience. Comviva has supported us proactively during the migration and in stabilising the system and has been our valued partner in our vision to enrich the lives of our customers using EcoCash.

Eugene ChadukaCTO, Cassava Smartech

We are delighted to offer “Inwi Money” service which is powered by Comviva’s mobiquity® platform. As it did in various countries, mobile money service aimed at simplifying and enhancing lives of millions of Moroccans by providing them easy, fast and more convenient digital financial services.

Nicolas LeviCEO, Inwi Money

In Colombia, people need to have a bank account or credit card to make digital payments online, leaving the majority of Colombians out of the digital payments revolution. We are trying to change this picture with MOVii which provided access to digital financial services to all Colombians without any bias. With MOVii any Colombian, banked or unbanked, can make all kinds of payments securely, easily, and without any cost from their mobile phone. Our goal is to bring digital financial service to the masses and Comviva mobiquity® is the right technology platform partner to achieve that aim.

Hernando RubioCo-founder and CEO, MOViiRed

At Free Money, we are relentlessly working toward democratizing the use of digital financial services and enhancing the customer experience. In line with this objective, we have successfully deployed the mobiquity® platform replacing the incumbent platform. The new platform will facilitate product innovation, helping us to reinforce Free Money, launch new consumer-centric digital financial services, and deliver a superior user experience to our customers.

Mamadou MBENGUECEO, Free Senegal

The opportunities for mobile money in Tanzania are endless, both in the person-to-person and merchant payments spaces. Comviva has helped us realize our vision of a cashless economy. The company has facilitated the digitization of day-to-day payments with the Airtel Money Tap-Tap service.

Sunil ColasoChief Executive Officer, Airtel Tanzania

We are delighted to offer SMEGA which is delivered through the Comviva mobile money platform. SMEGA is focused on enabling access to financial services to improve people’s lives and positively contribute to the economy by accelerating financial inclusion and economic development. We also trust that our customers across the country will find it an easy, fast and more convenient means of transferring money, making payments and doing other financial transactions.

Edward WicksChief Commercial Officer, BTC


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