MobiLytix™ Digital Marketing

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Customer Engagement on Digital Channels

Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Digital Marketing is an all-in-one customer engagement automation platform delivering engaging and personalized customer experiences on digital channels.

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A solution that enables personalized and unified customer journeys

Driving engagement with customers on digital channels requires content that resonates with users and is presented to them at the right time.

MobiLytix™ Digital Marketing is a full-featured customer engagement automation platform for designing and executing well-crafted and personalized customer journeys across a brand’s digital channels.

Social media campaigns executed through the platform brings online leads where they can be nurtured and converted to customers.

MobiLytix™ Digital Marketing integrates with MobiLytix™ Real Time Marketing and MobiLytix™ Rewards for seamless execution of Customer Value Management (CVM) programs through email, web, mobile and social media channels.

Key Features & Benefits

Maximise user engagement on your digital channels

MobiLytix™ Digital Marketing enables our clients to successfully engage with their online and mobile app users and execute their Customer Value Management (CVM) programs through email, web, mobile and social channels.

Dynamic Segmentation

Real-time audience builder built on user persona, behaviour and goals

Social Ad Management

Run targeted promotions, post across digital channels and manage budgets

Role Based Access

Import contacts from various sources, create static lists and make bulk updates

Website Tracking

Track users on website, retarget on social and run dynamic push messaging, and customized content

Email Marketing

Reach inboxes like a pro, design beautiful dynamic emails, and track user actions

Landing Pages & Forms

Design beautiful landing pages, track conversions and increase engagement

Social Media Marketing

Grow social followers, schedule and post rich content, measure performance

Dynamic Personalization

Personalize anything across channels, add dynamic content. Send messages that customers love.

Mobile Marketing

Push rich contextual notifications, send targeted messages, track user actions, and optimise

Omni-Channel Digital Journeys

Automate orchestration, use prebuilt templates or build your own

Online Store Integration

One-click integrations, track store activity and recover abandoned carts

FactCube Dashboards

Measure everything with extensive customizable dashboards and reports


A platform that is intuitive to use for building customer engagement across email, web, mobile and social channels.


Get a bird’s eye view of your audience on digital channels to shape campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences.


Meet your customers where they are – Email, Mobile, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Web and create a true Omni-channel digital experience


Streamline your communications and provide the right message, over the right channel, at the right time, automating to present a highly personalized customer experience.


Manage, measure and refine your customer experience by using our extensive customizable dashboard to track the performance of your posts, monitor campaigns, track your contact KPIs, and a lot more – all from one place


User-friendly UX, ease of deployment and lean learning curve

Reasons to Choose

Easy to use

Practical, simple, and easy to use. Experience simplicity from the get-go.

Easy to build templates

Quick start with simplified deployment of common use cases. “Activate and run” model

Taking social to a new level

Social media scheduling system with excellent visibility that makes executing social media a breeze.

Intelligent Analytics

Uncover powerful performance insights by utilizing historical and real time data

Out of Box Integrations and Easy Customizations

Reduces time to deploy

Lead Generation & Conversion

Generate new leads and nurture them to become customers


Seamless integration with current application

Significant Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership

Faster ROI

24/7 Customer Support

Support from our customer support team around the clock

Pre-Integrated with
MobiLytix™ Rewards and
MobiLytix™ Real Time Marketing

Supporting the seamless execution of CVM programs through digital channels.


Increase in Engagement Rate


Yearly Manpower Savings


Higher Conversions


Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership


Reduction in effort to create digital customer journeys


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