MobiLytix™ Digital

Focused to

Accelerate Digital Experience

The offering unearths deep actionable customer experience management insights, whilst supporting artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven recommendations.

With over 165 pre-built self-care features, the platform caters to an operator’s retail and enterprise customers, as well as direct-to-home operators and FFTH service providers.

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Key Features & Benefits

Transforming your customers digital journey

The platform helps to accelerate key elements of an operator’s digital transformation journey

Customer Interface

Including omni-channel enablement, digital acquisition, digital marketing, big data analytics, dynamic pricing, etc.

Fulfilment Assurance and Billing

Entailing self-service, account management, integrated billing systems, customer self-assurance and digitized portfolio management

Products and Services

Including digital innovation, product experience, automated feedback, product catalogue, demand assessment, etc.

Enabling Digital Self-Care

This ensures increased engagement, self-management, enhanced marketing and reduced service costs. In addition, a focus on customer management entails social media integration, targeted marketing and faster turnaround time

Houses the Acquisition, Increased Engagement and Re-Engagement (AIR) Model

This ensures an operator’s average revenue per user is enhanced and return on investment is improved

API Fabric / Orchestration layer

Enabling the teams to define API’s ( in-house and/or third party ) with higher security, versions and throttling for an efficient digital architecture


built-in functionalities


subscribers globally


transactions per second for mobile applications


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MobiLytix™ Suite- Redefining Customer Value Management

Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Suite is a big data driven mobile analytics solution that enables in generating hidden customer insights to drive revenue growth and superior customer experience.

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The MobiLytix™ Suite is a big data-driven mobile analytics solution that generates actionable customer insights


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