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Messaging And Voice Services

The Uno platform adopts a unified approach to the provisioning, control, and management of messaging & voice services and channels offerings. It simplifies and future proofs the messaging and voice stack by addressing the evolving requirements of the operator across the networks from 5G/RCS/LTE to 3G/2G.

The platform offers an intelligent, modular, robust and a scalable NFV based architecture at the core, thereby transforming how operators monetize their offerings. It enables a paradigm shift from fragmented, disparate architectures to a cohesive and targeted solution.

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UNO offers end-to-end transaction visibility, just-in-time capacity management, rapid service launches, and increased operational efficiencies

SMSC extends the capacity in the current network by optimally distributing network load and traffic flows, or by introducing message controller elements that can generate significant traffic offloads. It consolidates network access by enabling services integration to provide a seamless SMS experience across the 5G/4G to 3G/2G networks through IP capability.

SMSC offers a range of traffic handling options for growing volumes of A2P and P2P messages, tailored to the operator’s messaging needs, to improve transaction performance on the network, and significantly reduce SMS infrastructure costs.

MMSC provides a cost effective and highly scalable MMS solution that integrates easily with the operators existing network infrastructure. It is a technology that allows the users to send and receive messages with formatted text, images, audio and video clips. Multimedia content like video sequences, audio clips and high-quality images can be downloaded to the mobile phone from various content providers.

It is a highly scalable carrier grade system for rich multimedia messaging and integrates with various other components like WAP Gateway, PPG (Push Proxy Gateway) and Identity Server to deliver the complete solution.

USSD enables operators to launch a customer-centric retail model that simplifies service discovery and access. It is an end-to-end solution that sets new standards for user experience, interactivity and mobile content consumption in an easily discoverable, instantly accessible and personalized format.

It offers (1) Gateway delivering high-speed interactive content to mobile subscribers, linking content providers to end users and maintaining real-time interaction, without consuming large amounts of bandwidth (2)  FLARES, a Framework to Launch Applications and Rapidly evolve Services through a service creation environment on a single platform, enabling management of all internal and external applications (3)  LEAP: Application Creation Environment, with an easy to use ‘click and drag’ GUI for application creation and testing.

RCS solution is a standards-based RCS messaging Server. The platform supports the delivery of multiple messaging services over any mobile or broadband access network. Bridging the gap between legacy messaging services and next-generation rich communications, the RCS solution creates a standardized, seamless, and ubiquitous messaging service across all subscribers. It functions as an IMS Application Server towards the IMS and legacy networks offering the following capabilities-

  • 1-to-1 chat
  • Long-lived group chat
  • Delivery assurance with CFS and NFS
  • Group session data management
  • File transfer
  • Rich call with video or image sharing
  • Delivery and displayed reports
  • Store and forward
  • Pager and large message mode
  • SIP OPTIONS capabilities exchange
  • Integration with presence and network address book
  • Legacy interworking with SMS and MMS
  • Multiple device support
  • Storage and retrieval of message/session history

Voice Mail System (VMS) offers callers with the capabilities for depositing Voice messages (termed as Voice Mails) for the called VMS subscriber whenever a call remains incomplete/unanswered. VMS covers use cases of called party’s mobile device being Not Reachable / Switched Off / Busy /No Answer/Call Rejection.  At their convenience, the end user (receiver) can retrieve Voice Mail from various channels like SMS, MMS, IVR and Email.

The solution will offer a client interface allows subscribers to browse through the voice messages with options to listen, download, reply and delete the message. Also, the service menu can be navigated with options to listen to the voice mails and manage account settings.

Missed call alert captures the otherwise foregone revenues due to incomplete calls i.e subscriber’s mobile being switched- off/busy/not reachable and stimulate network usage by increasing the rate of call completion. With this notification service, the subscriber gets to know who has called and when and receives all the information needed to return the call.

Notify Me sends SMS notification to the originating party whenever the terminating mobile subscriber becomes available in the network again.

Operator might choose to send Notify me messages only to the On-Net users in order to increase the call conversions.

Service creation platform is a multichannel, multi-interface solution for creating applications on-the-go using business logic on a single platform. It’s an easy to use interface which enables application creation swiftly with a low coding approach and thereby enabling rapid service creation and shorter time-to-market.

Messaging Firewall is the most comprehensive network-based and content based security solution enabling operators to effectively monetize on their A2P traffic and protect their consumer against the growing threat of mobile abuse. It helps protect subscribers from spam and fraud, arrest revenue leakages and reduce operational effort for the telecom providers ensuring low subscriber churn on network. Besides the platform, revenue protection services is offered so that the platform is operated, configured and kept upto date.

Ngage, an Omni-channel Enterprise engagement platform, is a digital convergent solution that enables enterprises to connect and engage with their customers and partners through various conventional and digital channels – all through a single platform

Enterprises will be enabled with multi-level engagement with their customers in real time. The enterprise management life cycle is eased through capabilities of self onboarding, account provisioning, automated workflows, credit and refund provisions, payment and billing reconciliations, user engagement through campaigns, dashboards and analytics to track, measure and report performance.

Key Features & Benefits

One Platform for all Messaging Needs

Envisaged as a next generation messaging platform, UNO offers a comprehensive messaging infrastructure and helps in monetization

Single Sign-on Enabled GUI for All Channels

A single graphic user interface is leveraged to manage traffic across all the channels, create new services and channel based campaigns

In-Built SMS Firewall Capabilities

  • Support for Anti-spam, Anti – spoofing and anti – flooding policies
  • Grey routes detection and blocking
  • SIM Farm detection and blocking
  • Detailed traffic analysis and reporting

Enterprise Management

Enterprises can connect to UNO platform to push A2P and receive P2A messages and also launch campaigns

Easily Pluggable Add-on Modules

DND – Do Not Disturb module which will enable the subscriber to block unwanted P2P and A2P messages
Rich SMS – Provided Rich SMS services to the subscribers like SMS Forward, SMS Copy, SMS Blacklist, SMS Signature etc.

NFV Compliant

Network Function Virtualization is deployed to attain network flexibility and scaling on demand

Consolidated Reporting and KPIs

  • Dashboards for business and operations KPIs
  • Rich graphical reports
  • Service up-take and trends

Comprehensive Unique OAM

  • End-to-end service path monitoring
  • Rich web OAM console for monitoring
  • End-to-end traceability


Messaging license ranges from 100 to 70000 TPS


Peak TPS handled by a single operator


Deployments in 350+ countries


messages processed annually


Subscriber network reach for call completion


notifications monthly of missed call alerts


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