A leading Beverages company could maintain its Fizz even during COVID-19

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Accomplished 1.6 million consumer engagements

Call for Change

A leading multinational beverage company with a product portfolio of over 20 diverse brands was adversely affected by the pandemic. Stay-at-home orders were hurting the global beverage sales at convenience stores, gas stations and other away-from-home premises

A cultural festival lasting one month offered a window to reignite customer engagement and boost sales. However, this required the company to quickly plan and execute the campaign. The campaign had to be rolled out on a large scale in a very short period of time with customer rewards targeted towards the festive season.

Technology at Play

weeks duration to design and launch a reward campaign
faster sales target hit during Covid slowdown
ATL advertisement spends. – a 100% cost saving over previous campaigns.
1.6 Mn
customer engagements accomplished
savings on consumer reward procurement

Comviva helped the company to achieve their business objectives by implementing MobiLytixTM Rewards. The platform generated around 15 million unique coupon codes in a short span of time and the campaign was configured in just 10 minutes. The company then printed the coupon codes on bottle caps and the campaign was rolled out in two weeks.

Comviva MobiLytixTM Rewards platform performed the coupon code validation along with the distribution of the rewards. The same platform was also used to validate the gift vouchers and issue the corresponding partner rewards.

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